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Tokyo Treat. Subscription, Japan, Sweets, Drinks, Crisps,
Tokyo Treat. Subscription, Japan, Sweets, Drinks, Crisps,
Following my July Unboxing post, the lovely people at Tokyo Treat asked if I’d like to review the December box and I just couldn’t say no. The last box got mixed reviews but I feel this one – with some special edition and festive products – will be much more positive.

In case you didn’t see my last post, Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription box, sent over from Japan and full of incredible, and sometimes weird drinks and snacks. These range from crisps to biscuits, sweets and chocolate. Each box contains a DIY kit – that’s a kit where you’re required to make the item, often sachets of powder to add water to – and there are three levels of subscription:
(1)  Small - $14.99 a month (5-7 treats)
(2)  Regular - $24.99 a month (8-12 treats)
(3)  Premium - $34.99 a month (13-17 treats, including a special item and two DIY kits)

All options offer free delivery and the opportunity to unsubscribe online at any point. I have to quickly say that I mentioned in my last post about the speed of delivery and the fact I was able to track where my parcel was. This isn’t actually available for regular subscribers yet – but I’m sure eventually it’ll get rolled out. But it’s well worth waiting for and the boxes always arrive in excellent condition.
Tokyo Treat. Subscription, Japan, Sweets, Drinks, Crisps,
The guys at Tokyo Treat were kind enough to send me the Premium option, that’s all the items of the Small and Regular boxes, as well as a handful of extra goodies. So let’s have a look and see what was in December’s box...
Tokyo Treat. Subscription, Japan, Sweets, Drinks, Crisps,
Chirin colour pen chocolate – a crayon that actually works and contains tiny chocolate balls, similar to smarties. I thought this was really cute, although it’s impossible not to eat the chocolate all at once.

Meiji banana chocolate – these looked and tasted exactly like banana. They reminded me of those hard fruit shaped sweets you could buy from those 20p machines at swimming pools and bowling alleys in the 90s.

Meiji cotton candy gum – with the taste and texture of candy floss, this magical sweet then turns into a bubble gum. This was cola flavoured and very fizzy – but I loved it.

Glico light potatoes – I haven’t tried these yet. They make look like those Mikado/Pocky biscuits, but they are in fact crisps. I guess they’ll be similar to Chipsticks, but I loved the packaging.

Tohato caramel corn (fun Christmas special edition) – another product I haven’t yet tried, although I had the original caramel corn in the July box. These light puffs are a special Christmas edition and I’m looking forward to opening them. The original were a cross between caramel and peanut so I wonder what flavour this variety will be...
Tokyo Treat. Subscription, Japan, Sweets, Drinks, Crisps,
Majomajo neru neru – the first of two DIY kits. All I had to do was mix the sachets with water to make a paste, before adding another sachet which gave the mix a fizzy and aerated texture, to replicate a witch’s cauldron. The flavours were a bit too artificial for me and the mix was sweet and sticky. I did enjoy the sugar stars and popping candy though.

Lotte Star Wars bikkuriman – a layer of thick milk chocolate sandwiched between two wafer biscuits. This was quite sweet but made a good afternoon snack – and given the release of the new film, this made for a topical snack.

Meiji gochi gummy cola – I loved these sweets, as the middle was sweet and the sugar coating, sour. This product actually tasted like Haribo cola bottles and the large discs (and re-sealable pouch) made a good treat for sharing.

Coris sharitto puru gums – this bubble gum melted in the mouth, before popping with apple jelly pieces. The mix of apple and yogurt flavours didn’t last long, but the product was still enjoyable.

Calbee hard fried potato ride –I couldn’t work out what flavour these crisps were: they had a strong smell and taste of shrimp, similar to prawn crackers, but were covered in green herbs and seasoning. They were light and crunchy, but I’m not sure if I enjoyed them.
Tokyo Treat. Subscription, Japan, Sweets, Drinks, Crisps,
Snowman ramune – this was this month’s ‘special’ product: a bottle of carbonated drink in the shape of a snowman. This was a mix between vanilla and bubblegum, which I think is the flavour of original ramune. The bottle exploded everywhere when opened, but it was still a nice drink.

Riddle puchitto – this was the second DIY kit, although a lot less effort was required for this. The bag contained two different sweets: an apple and an orange star. You could eat them separately or mix for a fruity taste sensation. It was also possible to pull the shapes apart, to create your own design.

Matcha collon – don’t let the name of this product fool you, these little crisp bites were incredible. I’m obsessed with matcha at the moment and the light wafer was so sweet, while the centre was so creamy. These were so moreish and one of my favourite products of this month’s box!

Meiji cream & caramel – these small sweets are individually wrapped and have a strong caramel-ly butterscotch flavour. In terms of their shape and size, they’re similar to Starburst, but come in a box. I shared these with my brother and we both loved them!

Each box comes with an a4 sheet explaining the contents, in translated English. I dont think the sheets get translated into any other language but Tokyo Treat do ship worldwide. One quick point on their customer service which was excellent: responses are quick and the staff are friendly, helpful and professional. Special thanks to Melisa for sorting out my box for review, too.

Id thoroughly recommend Tokyo Treat to anyone interested in foreign snacks, Japanese popular culture or looking for a subscription box thats a little different from the norm. Still unsure if its for you? Why not check out the website (, or find out more on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Love, Lucy xx

*Tokyo Treat sent this box to me FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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