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Contents of a super-hero themed activity box, including a book

“A monthly subscription box, inspired by the magic of books.”

Another week, another Little Hands Learning box review – and apologies for the lack of photos in this post – it turns out we did most of the activities without taking photos (which is a rare thing, let me tell you). We have moved away from the quarterly subscription here too – this is the first of two one-off boxes I ordered in the Black Friday sale. I’d seen this box online so many times and finally bought it, as I knew Alfie would love it… and he did! It’s the superheroes box.

Inspired by the book Super Milly and the Super School Day, written by Stephanie Clarkson and illustrated by Gwen Millard, it tells the story of Milly, a little girl who doesn’t know what her superpowers are. It’s superhero day at school, but it very quickly goes wrong – and it’s up to Milly to save the day! Luckily, she is super-kind! It’s a really lovely book with a nice message – and it’s great for helping your little ones realise their strengths and for confidence building. The repetition of ‘super’ really helped reinforce the theme, as well as spread positivity.

The four activities in this box were:

  • Make a superhero spoon
  • Become a nature superhero
  • Colour mixing
  • Create an all about me superhero picture
Boy creating an eye mask made from natural treasures such as leaves and twigs


One afternoon, Alfie asked to go out on his bike around the lake, and I thought why not combine that with a walk to collect natural treasures, so we could come back and make the nature superhero mask! We found a variety of materials – different coloured and shaped leaves, twigs, flowers, seeds and berries… basically anything we could get our hands on! It was an ideal time to go, as the leaves were so pretty – we found some beautiful shades of red and orange. I was hoping to collect some sycamore seeds too, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any!

Once we were too cold, we headed home and made the mask. I laid all the treasures out on the table, and Alfie covered the mask in glue, before sticking the items on. It looked great afterwards – and it’s still going strong!


Painting is something we do most weekends, and the easel is almost nearly always out. Alfie has always loved painting, and even when he was younger, he knew how to colour mix and even knew which primary colours made the corresponding secondary colours. He was so fascinated by the powder paint in that form and enjoyed mixing to create it, before actually painting with it.

I put the strips of washi tape on the card before Alfie went wild with the colours… and then I had the important job of adding the finishing touches to our masterpiece – by way of superpowers. We agreed on super-fast, super-clever, super-thoughtful and super-kind (like in the story). I love saving his artwork, so it went straight in the folder!


The superhero spoon has been great for roleplay. I let Alfie do this one himself – and he glued the felt onto the wooden spoon before deciding he didn’t want to draw a face on it. I think it adds to the mystery! Super-spoon has been on many an adventure – and he’s really into Supertato at the moment, so I think that has helped. I have suggested creating a whole superhero family, or even using the idea to create characters from our favourite books for something different.

While the Christmas boxes are still available and would make the most wonderful gift (I know, I had one last year and bought two this year – reviews coming soon), with all the Royal Mail strikes and Christmas so close, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your box in time. It’s never too late to give the gift of a subscription though – or one-off box. Remember, using my code LUCYLOCKET (and adding in the notes that I sent you) will get you a discount on anything in the Little Hands Learning shop.

For sneak peeks of future boxes, as well as other crafty and educational ideas, follow Little Hands Learning on Instagram.

Love, Lucy xx

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