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Wax melt hearts in Easter themed box
Wax melts in the shape of jelly babies and rectangle slabs
Okay, it's been ages since I shared a wax melt post and truth be told, I've not been burning as much as usual. I think it's a combination of the heat and not having an evening. My kitchen burner is often on, especially after cooking, but now we are hybrid working, my office burner barely gets used.

And I call this my latest haul because it is. I've not placed an order for a while and still have so much stock to get through. This bag has been sat under my bed since it arrived. I'm yet to organise the scents by room to restock my baskets. I definitely feel like I've been slacking though, which is why I just had to share this – finally. At the time, these were some of the new shapes and scents that Little Aromas offered, and I even grabbed myself an absolute bargain too!

So, what did I order?

  • Bunny heart box
  • Mental health bar in Freesia & White Sands
  • Sea turtle slabs in Apple & Mango and Cucumber & Melon
  • Jelly babies in Cucumber & Aloe vera
  • Cute skulls in Fiji White Sands, Apple & Mango, Raspberry Ripple and Beach Walk

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The Bunny heart box was one of the Easter products that has since been put on sale and reduced to £6.50 for four geo-hearts. These are large melts which can be broken into two pieces. Sarah sold the bunny boxes in two different sets of four scents and the ones I received were:

  • Butterfly Hugs (apple and summer fruits, with a floral heart and a base of woods and vanilla)
  • Hot Cross Buns (sweet citrus leading to dried fruits, complemented by spicy notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove)
  • White Chocolate (a creamy white chocolate fragrance, with supporting notes of vanilla and sugar)
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut (identical to a Kinder Bueno. Milk chocolate and warm hazelnuts on a base of vanilla and shea)

I have to be honest – I didn't originally get one of these boxes because both had chocolate scented melts in them, and I'm not usually a fan of those. However, the Chocolate & Hazelnut is quite dreamy and not too overwhelming or artificial. The White Chocolate is light too, almost like Milkybar buttons. I'm glad I got my hands on one of these boxes as Hot Cross Buns is one of my favourites and Butterfly Hugs is a scent I've wanted to try for a while.

The box is super cute and would have made a wonderful gift at Easter or springtime. The scalloped edges and the cut-out bunnies around the edge, plus the signature bow – so pretty. Sarah often excels with her packaging, and this is no different.

The turtle slabs come in packs of five melts, and I'd suggest two or three per burner, depending on how big your dish is. These are one of the newest shapes, and it's no secret that Sarah loves turtles. There are already the mini turtles, and the larger Mandara-patterned turtles, so these complete the range nicely. I believe Apple & Mango is one of the newer scents too, and it reminds me so much of a J2O – perfect for summer. And I love any of the fresh cucumber scents. I usually burn these in the living room.

The cute skulls are one of Little Aromas best sellers, and at 80p a wax melt, they’re super affordable. You really have no excuse not to start stock up on these. They're probably my most bought shape too, as there's no mess or fuss with cutting pieces off. Simply pop one in your dish and watch it melt away. I often find they have one of the dreamiest wax pools. I'm not sure why, but perhaps it's the touch of glitter that swirls, making it just mesmerising to watch. I ordered some of my favourite scents, as well as a new one in Beach Walk. It’s such a fresh yet calming one, and I think I'll probably burn that first.

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Only a small haul. Can we even call it a haul? But I thought I'd share these products as I've yet to burn them.

Sarah recently put a post out saying that there's going to be a sale coming soon. And while the website has plenty of stock available, if you're wanting to place an order, it’s best to contact her via socials: Facebook or Instagram. If you have any questions about the shapes or scents, feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment below. Alternatively, join the Little Aromas Facebook group for more information and updates.

Love, Lucy xx

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