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Origami Est, Workshop, Stars, Newton Leys,
Origami Est, Workshop, Stars, Newton Leys,
Thurday 6 December 2019

I last blogged in July about an Origami Est workshop and as well as recently attending the stars workshop, I’m booked to go on a Christmas cracker workshop on Monday (23rd). Once again, it was held at the pavilion, but this time we got festive!

I bought tickets for both me and mum, as it was a Thursday evening and she was over. We also went with my neighbour Rebecca and Natalie, who I had met at the last workshop. Luckily, we all sat together at the same table. There were also a few familiar faces from the last time, which was nice too.

As always, all the materials were supplied – papers and the ribbons for when they were finished and ready for hanging. Est also had her little shop set up in the corner of the hall, selling her book, paper crowns, and star and cracker kits complete with instructions. I was tempted to treat myself to a Christmas cracker kit, just so I could be ahead at the next workshop – and also have a back-up in case they go drastically wrong, but I’m hoping they will be available on 23rd too. Worst case scenario, I’ll have mum and Rob frantically making them on Christmas Eve.

Our first decision was to choose our paper. We had the time allocated to make three stars, but I only managed two with help. I chose one paper at first – a monochrome plain-patterned thick paper, which I instantly loved. Everyone was choosing multiple packs, so I quickly chose another two. After discarding a black & white polka dot pattern, I went a dusky pink to go in our newly-decorated bedroom and then mum pointed out a space themed paper with planets and rockets, which I chose with Alfie in mind. Like I say, I made two stars but I took my third home and mum surprised me by assembling Alfie’s.

As I mentioned in my last post, I found the plant pots difficult, but not as difficult as the stars! I’m not sure if it was because they were smaller, or I chose thicker paper. I aced the folding again, although I wasn’t as quick as Rebecca, but we were definitely ahead compared to the rest of the tables. The dusky pink paper threw up a curveball as it was plain, and we often referred to the paper being ‘pattern-side up’. I ended up getting in a flap – but not as frustrated as I got with the assembling. It was quite fiddly and I just didn’t understand the instructions, no matter how many times I watched the others around me assemble. Being a perfectionist, it upset me that I was getting it wrong and struggling so much. I was disappointed because I wasn’t happy with what I made at the time, but now they’re hanging, they look good! Maybe not professional or great, but good enough for my home. Rebecca and Natalie got all three of theirs made, I think, while mum took her third one home. She completed it after making Alfie’s and has since made a couple more!
Origami Est, Workshop, Stars, Newton Leys,
There were a selection of festive treats: Christmas doughnuts, stollen bites and mini mince pies, with hot drinks and some really lovely fizzy beverages. I had a blackberry & mint lemonade. I ensured I was on refreshment duty while the girls sorted out my stars for me – a good swap in my eyes.

The star workshop was more popular than the plant pot one, and I’m looking forward to Monday’s and seeing what the numbers are like. Est is running three 30-minute workshops from 10am. I’m booked on the first slot.

As always, a massive thank you to Est for being a fabulous teacher, for her time and patience with us. It’s actually insane how talented she is, but amazing she can share her talent with the community too.

Love, Lucy xx

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