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Little love heart wax melts in different scents
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already have seen this in short form on my stories or saved under my ‘Little Aromas’ highlight. I’ve been raving about Little Aromas wax melts for some time now and have even got some friends hooked. Missing out? Like the Facebook Page or join the Facebook Group for competitions and so much more. I’ve recently upped my game and bought two more burners, so I can now have multiple products on the go – which is ideal as Sarah has a large range of scents and I must try them all.

As I mentioned in my story, I love the surprise element of the sample (and mystery) boxes – they are ideal if you want to try a new scent but don’t know which to try, or when you can’t decide on a specific scent. The sample boxes are priced at £5 for a regular and £10 for a large. I ordered the large and in that, you get eight different scented hearts – they come in packs of two, so 16 wax melts in all! The love hearts are among my favourite products – and I always burn both at once.

So which scents did I receive?
  • Peppermint Cream: a beautiful pastel green, and fresh but intense minty scent. What’s not to love? This makes a change from all the summery and fruity scents I usually burn. 
  • Fresh Baby: a clean scent, but one I honestly cannot describe. It’s quite intense and at the time of writing, I’m burning it in the office. 
  • Cherry Slushie: one of my favourites – so fruity and almost fizzy, it’s lush. It’s a really intense cherry scent and I actually prefer it to blue raspberry slushie (I find the scent of cherry lasts longer). 
  • Bliss: inspired by Lenor Unstoppables, I believe. I remember my mum always buying these for the laundry and I used to love squeezing the bottle and releasing all the scent from the lid. Tbh, this scent is exactly what it says – bliss! 
  • Cherry Bakewell: another of my favourites and it was a scent I purchased in my first ever order (in snap bar form). It's basically a cherry Bakewell cake in a wax melt – rich buttery pastry (well cakey) smell and then the combination of almond and cherry… delicious! 
  • Pineapple & Mango: the most perfect summertime fragrance – it reminds me of Escada perfume. It’s so exotic and summery and to me, combines smoothies and holidays to give off those hot vacay vibes. 
  • Black Opium: based on the fragrance by Yves Saint-Laurent, which I’ve genuinely never smelt. Having just read that fragrance profile, I think I’m gonna like it in wax form. I’ve decided to burn this next, just so I can try it – but I’ve heard good things about the luxury fragrance range. 
  • Golden Orchid: another laundry-inspired scent and I think it’s another Lenor dupe too. A luxury blend of honey, vanilla and mimosa with peachy tones. I already know I’ll love it, I just adore the laundry-inspired melts.
Different coloured heart shaped wax melts - in packaging
The box contained a good mix of scents from all areas of the scent list on the website – from fruity and drinks, to laundry and clean scents. It’s good timing that I’ve managed to purchase those additional burners, as they’ve been so hard to come by. I bought the Yankee pebble from Candles Direct (in lilac grey and pink icing) and have decided to keep all scents together in separate rooms – so all things laundry and fragrance in the living room, and then anything ‘summery’ in our bedroom. I’m still working in the office and normally just do a lucky dip for the burner in there – I’ve got plenty of products to try out and just love coming across new scents, or even ones I wouldn’t have chosen, but are beautiful.

And if you go back to my Little Aromas highlight on Instagram, you’ll find the other shapes and scents I ordered within this haul. I’ve since placed another order, and I’ll probably feature that on my stories or grid – and then next month, I plan to review a mystery box on here! Oh, and if you’re making a purchase, please remember code LUCY10 to receive some money off your order.

Love, Lucy xx

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