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Six bumblebee themed wax melts in presentation box

I think everyone knows how obsessed I am with wax melts. I just love the house smelling nice. And Little Aromas is my go-to vendor. The prices are so reasonable, while the choice of products and scents is insane.

But big news coming out of April – Little Aromas now sells monthly limited-edition boxes. Each one has a carefully decided theme, which remains a surprise until launch. Each box will be priced accordingly, depending on the number and size of the melts included. April’s box had a bumblebee theme and was priced at £5 for six melts.

There have been quite a few bee-inspired shapes added to the range recently, and I previously purchased some larger hexagonal shapes. The ones in the monthly box are a little smaller and less chunky. There are also some super cute bumblebee snap bars too, which I bought alongside the monthly box. More on those later!

But back to the April box now. As I mentioned, there were six shapes – three honeycombs, and three bees – all in different scents:

  • Honey 
  • Milk & Golden Honey 
  • Cinder Toffee 
  • Floral Jam 
  • Sweet Sunset 
  • Freesia & White Sands

In terms of the scents, it’s a real mixture between sweet and floral, and it’s this combination that hits you as soon as you open the box. Once that dies down, it’s all about the Cinder Toffee, so rich and sweet. I’ve ordered Milk & Golden Honey before and it’s a lovely one for relaxing – but the Honey on its own is a lot more subtle, at least at a first smell. I’m intrigued by it and I’m hoping it will be stronger when it comes to burning. But these three fragrances sum up the box nicely – so on theme.

I instantly fell in love with Sweet Sunset which is a really lovely fruity mix of citrus, peach and red fruits, with sherbet. It totally reminded me of the Sex on the Beach melt that was part of the Valentine’s Day range. I loved that one too. I didn’t realise that Floral Jam was inspired by Lush products – and that scent profile is epitomised by floral and fruits. Think sweet base notes, floral heart notes of rose and geranium, with a fruity accord. I feel like this one might be the new Rose Wonderland – and the scent I just have to stock up on. I might also have to check out the Lush range!

And finally, you know spring has sprung when you become obsessed with freesia. I love the flowers and I’ve been consistently wearing my Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia cologne, so it was a no-brainer that I’d love this one. I imagine this one will be highly scented and it’s going to be the first melt from the box that I burn.

For a first monthly box, I’m so impressed – a really lovely range of scents, in a really cute box and so well-priced… I can’t believe it’s only £5! If you’re not looking to treat yourself, it would make a really lovely gift. I know I’d love to receive one!

Wax melt bars with bumblebees on

Other Bee-autiful shapes

As I mentioned in the intro, in addition to the bumblebee monthly boxes, there are also large hexagonal bees (£3.20) and bee bars (£2.30) available. I’ve ordered a few of the hexagonal shapes previously, and still not melted them – my hauls for each room are pretty crazy! But this time, I wanted to try the bee bars, as well as some specific scents. I ordered:

  • Bee bars in Milk & Golden Honey and Rose Wonderland 
  • Bees in Love Bug and Lemon Sherbet

The bars are thinner than your average snap bar so I will probably break these in half to put in my burner. The hexagons are larger than in the monthly box, and as I’ll be burning those in my kitchen burner, I’ll more than likely, cut them into four.

Just to complete my order, I also picked up:

  • Mandara Turtles in Nag Champa (my fave for the bedroom), Raspberry & Lime, and April Showers 
  • Cute Skull in Floral Jam 
  • Imperfection bags, containing two Sun & Moons (Ghost Deep Night and Coconut & Citrus), a Cute Skull (Velvet Sugar), a Bunny Butt (Cherry Slushie) and a small pot (Grandma’s House)

If you like what you see, be sure to check out the website – new customers receive a discount with NEWBIE10 at checkout. Little Aromas is also filling a postcode map, so check out the Facebook group to see if you’re still missing. If you are, enter POSTCODE at checkout for a little surprise!

Love, Lucy xx

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