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Old news now but a few weeks back I finally got my hair done. It needed doing anyway as I previously box dyed it, but I’d also been talking to my hairdresser about getting wedding hair ready. It will be my old/home hairdresser Leila doing my hair for the big day and I really need to consider a briefing and trial too.

In my head I kind of pictured a half up-half down style decorated with flowers or greenery – our foliage is eucalyptus – either in a crown style or just loose somehow. I also considered extensions but probably only clip-in ones as I don't fancy anything more permanent.

In terms of colour I was torn between dark brown with caramel or lighter highlights or actually going blonde. I'm naturally blonde which often surprises people, but it had been a while since I was lighter although I previously had balayage and dip dye. With some persuading – or should that be recommending – Zoe suggested going blonde and found the loveliest inspiration photo… I fell in love.

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I had a full head of foils with bleach as well as an Olaplex and Chromaplex treatment, a toner to get rid of the brightness and then a cut and blow dry. I'm trying to grow my hair but get it cut regularly to keep it healthy. This time around was fairly minor as it had only recently been done.

I’ve featured her plenty of times before on my blog, but Zoe has a gorgeous little home salon. The décor is so pretty and feminine and I always feel so relaxed – definitely made better by the homemade cappuccino and yummy, sweet treats on offer.

I could not have been happier with the outcome. I honestly didn't know how it would turn out over the faded box dye and also because my hair has tones of brown, blonde and red. The photos were all very deceiving as you can see throughout this post. The first was an after shot at home with a filter and it looks a lot lighter… a few people thought I'd even gone proper white blonde or silver.

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Before and after shots of new hair

Before and after shots of new hair

The before/after shots were taken on consecutive days. Zoe took the first one in the salon and it looks quite dark under the lights. Once she had finished, I looked at the back in natural lighting near the door and it looks so different to these photos. The next day I took another in our hallway. It’s artificial lighting again but is probably the best representation of the colour – and despite the lack of sun or decent weather, it continues to lighten which is great.

I said I’d let Zoe know how the colour sets in and four weeks will be a great indication if I need to get the full colour done again before the wedding, or whether I need a touch up or a root drag. Time will tell – of course, the weather in September and October won't be as nice anyway!

As always, I couldn't be happier and was so pleased by the final result!

Zoe isn't accepting new clients at the moment, but she has another stylist working alongside her. Check the booking system or drop her message on Facebook for more information.

Love, Lucy xx

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