New Hair by Panache

New Hair, Ombre, Salon, Panache, Panache Hair Salon, Hutton, Essex,
New Hair, Ombre, Salon, Panache, Panache Hair Salon, Hutton, Essex,
Hi lovelies, a short post this evening as I show off my new hair, which I absolutely love! I've known my hairdresser for over 20 years and I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else cutting/colouring my hair. She's styled it for two proms as well as the regular cuts, and the colours I've had since I was about 17.

At a similar time last year, I was in need of a drastic change. My natural hair colour growing up was a lovely bright blonde, which soon turned to mousy brown as I got older. I just find it so boring and dull, which is why I colour my hair at least three times a year. I decided to get my hair dip-dyed - keeping the root the same and adding a lighter colour to the ends. For me, this was quite a big thing, as I've always gone one colour with highlights - but I loved it! Until it grew out and I was constantly told "I love your ombré hair" - when in fact, I had major roots!

This time round, I didn't want to be as blonde and Leila suggested using a darker colour on my root and then just lightening the ends with a toner. I mentioned I was going away to Sicily and the sun would make it lighter anyway - but she also recommended lemon juice to help bring out the colour.

I decided on a chocolate brown on my root, which was perfect and not too dark. This kept the look natural and the change of colour blended well, rather than having a shade too dark and seeing that 'stripe' effect. The colour is so glossy and I'm so pleased with it. The ends aren't as light as I was expecting - but believe me, this is a good thing! Leila finished off the look with a curly blowdry, which really showed off the colour - and I've had my hair curly, or up ever since, but I will eventually straighten it.

I'll end the post by recommending Panache in Hutton for all your hair and beauty needs. Luke has done an amazing job in completely refurbishing the salon, from a dated and dingy place, to one that's modern, with luxe and glamorous decor. The prices are reasonable and you can even enjoy a chilled glass of wine while you wait. In the back room, Chloe has her Beauty Suite and she also does an amazing job of shaping/tinting my brows. Whether you're in need of a pamper, or have an event or occasion to go to, the team at Panache are fabulous - and so talented at what they do.

What do you think of my new look?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Omg this is fantastic girl. I have had the pleasure of doing your hair for many years and couldn't imagine ever not doing it. Ever since you came into the salon as a tiny tot you have made me smile I loved it when you came in with a little picture that you had drawn for me it used to make my heart melt u are such a sweetie and have a great talent for writing keep it up chick I will be your biggest fan 💋❤️💖


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