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Curly >>> Straight (love a filter, me!)
Is it even summer if you don’t lighten your hair? Mine was in need of a cut anyway (it had been over three months – blame the mum life!) but I fancied a change and I needed some blonde in my life. After speaking with my hairdresser, Zoe, we decided balayage would be the way forward and I’d seen some photos of colours/styles on her Instagram I liked... I couldn’t find them on the day, so let her work her magic!

She now has a home salon which is simply fabulous. Complete with plush seating, a magazine table and plenty of extra touches – there’s also one basin and two stylist chairs. I took my seat and was treated to a posh cappuccino and biscuit, while Zoe got my colours ready. I immediately felt relaxed and ready to be pampered!

Zoe uses Osmo products and although I can’t remember the exact colours she used, she used bleach alongside a chocolate brown and light caramel. When it came to washing my hair, she used the colour save shampoo and deep moisture conditioner. She recommended the latter over the colour save conditioner because she said it’d keep the colour strong while also maintaining shine and nourishment. All the haircare products smelt so lush and it won’t  be long before I buy them myself. I’ve been using a L’Oreal colour protect shampoo and conditioner in the meantime, so the colour’s stayed fresh.

As you can see from the photos above, I had my hair curled once it was blow-dried and I feel it shows off the colours better than when I straightened it. The curls definitely make the colour look more natural. To be honest, it’s been so hot recently, I’ve barely been applying heat to my hair and either allowing it to dry naturally, or putting it in a mum bun or plait – to show off its natural wave.

Once again, Zoe did an amazing job – she kept my hairstyle the same as the layers hadn’t grown out. The colours she suggested matched my natural hair well and were exactly what I wanted. She’s so chatty and friendly and there was never an awkward silence during my four hours there. I definitely preferred visiting her salon, than having a home visit – I think it made me feel like Luce again, rather than mummy. That said, I did have to take Alfie with me!

Want to see Zoe’s work or make an appointment? Like her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram.

Love, Lucy xx 

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