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Wax burner in the bedroom, surrounded by melts

Following on from my previous post: what I’m burning in the kitchen, it’s only right that I share the next room I love and spend a lot of time in – the bedroom.

I have quite a big haul here, mostly from Little Aromas, but a few products by Firefly Handmade Creations too. Having taken photos of these melts, I’ve realised they are all quite similar colours – soft pinks and purples – which go really nicely with our décor too. From the hero photo, you can see, in addition to my wax melt basket, I have the Scoop & Melt tub from Little Aromas, as well as the April monthly box, which I’m yet to open.

The scents for the bedroom are all about relaxation, unwinding and calmness. I really love burning these at least an hour before bed, so the oils fill the air. I’ve got a bedroom routine which includes pillow mist and a lavender hand cream – and I just l love that it feels like a sanctuary.

Relax and unwind

As I mentioned, I love relaxing and calming scents, but also don’t mind a perfume dupe in the bedroom too. In terms of designer fragrance-inspired wax melts, I always find them as personal as buying perfume. I like what I like. Most of the time, it’s Tom Ford or Jo Malone dupes. Some of my go-to scents for the bedroom include:

  • Bedtime Baby: all the florals (Rose, Freesia, Lilac, Mimosa and Lily of the Valley), on a base of Musk 
  • Nag Champa: sweet and aromatic, with florals (Frangipani, Lily and Orange Flower) on a base of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk and Vanilla 
  • Rose Wonderland: Lenor dupe (Rose and Iris, with white woods)

And in terms of my perfume stash, I’ve got Si (Giorgio Armani), Lost Cherry (Tom Ford) and Pomegranate Noir (Jo Malone). A few people have asked me before how good the dupes are – and I can categorically say, they are incredible. Just as another example, I’ve got the Lime, Basil & Mandarin wax melt in the kitchen, and I also have the perfume – and they are exactly the same. You honestly cannot tell the difference. If they’re this perfect, I need to buy the fragrance Black Orchid, because I love the wax melt – it’s the dreamiest.

Wax melts in different shapes, includin fairy slab

Limited Edition

I’ve still got the contents of both my Little Aromas Mother’s Day box, as well as the bumblebee themed box which was released in April. Caring is inspired by Dove and is a really lovely fresh, but dreamy scent – so perfect for bedtime.

If you missed the blog post, don’t worry as I’ll link it below. Five of the six scents are perfect for the bedroom – Honey, Milk & Golden Honey, Cinder Toffee, Floral Jam, and Freesia & White Sands. I’ll be burning Sweet Sunset in the kitchen, most likely.

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Favourite Five

Now this is super hard, because I have so many scents I love. I mean the haul is crazy and actually I don’t have that many duplicate scents. I do have my favourites, but I end up just binge-melting them all. In no particular order, my bedroom top 5 is:

  1. Bedtime Baby 
  2. Nag Champa 
  3. Rose Wonderland 
  4. Lavender & Coconut Milk 
  5. Enriching

I cannot wait to start stocking up on my bedroom basket again soon. I also can’t wait for the Scoop & Melt refill packs to be added – as well as the tubs in new scents (the only one available at the minute is Parma Violet, which I don’t like the smell or taste of), and the May monthly box… whatever the theme may be!

Love, Lucy xx

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