Lush: Mr Bumble gift set

Every Christmas my dad always buys my mum and I a little gift from Lush so imagine my delight when I unwrapped this gorgeous little bundle of delights. Mr Bumble is a sweet parcel of honey and toffee scented goodness and contains: honey bee bath bomb and honey I washed the kids soap. Both are contained within the knot wrap and I was definitely buzzing to run a bath, soak and enjoy!
The best thing about the knot wrap is that it can be reused, so the spirit of Mr Bumble can live on after you’ve used the treats. There are instructions provided explaining how to re-tie your bumble bee. I’ve already decided I’m going to use mine as paper weight and sit him on my desk!
The honey I washed the kids soap has always been one of my favourite Lush products and I cannot get enough of it. It’s also one of the company’s most popular. With its orange oil and honey, it leaves you smelling utterly gorgeous and although it’s not a soap that lathers up well, it leaves skins feeling soft and not dried out. It also looks good enough to eat, and the sweet scent reminds me of a flan – it’s just so yummy! I definitely recommend buying this product, whether it’s individually or part of a set.
The honey bee bath bomb went well with the soap and as I used to soap while in the bath with the bomb, I smelt doubly as nice! Lush says you’ll enjoy the honey bee bath bomb if you’re a fan of the raining men shower gel or ma bar bubble bar. The bomb also looked like a bee with its yellow and brown stripes – a mixture of honey, aloe and rhassoul mud. The scent was really relaxing and once I’d enjoyed my bath, my skin was left moisturised and silky. The only downside was the colour of the water – a rather garish yellow. You definitely get your money’s worth though and could probably have two baths with this product.
At £7.95, Mr Bumble is very reasonably priced, particularly considering the cost of both products individually. I recommend this knot wrap to anyone – male or female – and it makes the perfect gift for kids because he’s just so cute!

What are your favourite Lush products and have you tried any of the knot wraps?

Love, Lucy xx

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