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They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content – and that couldn’t be truer. Sunday is always our family day, and we always try and do something, even if it is just taking a walk around the lakes on our estate. But prior to lockdown 2.0, we discovered some fantastic new places and I just had to share them. It turns out that as well as a small theme park, MK has several THEMED parks – and I’m going to make it my aim to take Alfie to as many of them as possible.

Here are the two we visited on consecutive weekends.

Winnie the Pooh, Mr Sanderz wooden house
Wooden Piglet figurine with 'trespassers will' sign

Winnie the Pooh Park

Where is it? Browns Wood

The park has playground equipment for all ages, and while Alfie was trying to climb on something well beyond his age, we soon escorted him to the smaller area, where there’s a slide and some steppingstones. He also liked the swings.

But the main attraction is the cute little figurines from the Winnie the Pooh series by AA Milne. This explained why Tigger looked more like a dog, rather than the furry tiger with the springy tail we know and love from the movies. But Winnie the Pooh was there, complete with his red jumper and honey pot, too.

And as you go into the woodland, there’s even Pooh’s house, or Mr Sanderz as it’s known. We walked through the woods, before making our way out onto the residential area, following the path around, we did a loop and ended up back at the park again. The terrain was fine everywhere, which was good as Alfie had his balance bike. There is also a bike track too, or a pump track – but we didn’t check it out.

In terms of parking, there’s quite a lot of it – bay parking spaces out the front. We used the postcode MK7 8DX and made it there fine.

Shot of women's legs and boots, amongst autumn leaves
Giant Snail with trail, in a field

Giant Snail Park

Where is it? Walnut Tree

You may be asking where this park got its name from. But before you get to the play area, there’s a field with three giant snails in it – and they are giant too! Alfie wanted to climb on them, but they were too high. Instead, he sat in front of the shells, and he grabbed the tentacles, and pretended he was driving.

The play equipment here was much better suited to his age, with various rockers and roundabouts, as well as a seesaw. As usual, he loved the slide, and tried climbing up the wall, which was supported by a rope – but it proved too difficult. I was also quite conscious of the drop on the other two sides, where one had a rock-climbing wall. There was another smaller snail in this area of the park.

In terms of walks, there are plenty of routes and directions to take. We went through a rather posh residential area and ended up at the entrance to Caldecotte Lake (North). We love it there and visit it more often than anywhere else. This time we just did a small walk, as we needed to get back to get a roast dinner on. But during our previous visit, mum and I walked the whole circuit – I think it was just over 5km, but is definitely suited to warmer weather.

Parking is more difficult – there’s no dedicated car park, and being so built-up residentially, spaces really are limited. We eventually parked on Pinfold, which is a no-through road. From here, simply cross the road, walk across the small field and you’re there. Use postcode MK7 7LR.

Where shall we explore next? Please let me know your MK park recommendations.

Love, Lucy xx

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