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I realise this post is long overdue, especially now I’ve put my Halloween order in and I’m expecting to receive that tomorrow. I’ve also put my name down for an Advent Calendar and I’m already excited for that piece of happy post. I always prefer to write these posts when I’ve tried most (if not, all) of the products, so I can provide a good and honest review.

Last month, Sarah unveiled her new branding and website – and boy, was it worth the wait! The opening night was crazy, and I put my order in immediately – but also wish I bought more than I did… there were far too many new scents, shapes and products to try. I missed out on a room spray, plus anything scented Jamaican Me Crazy and Stress Relief… I need these in my life soon.

The Snap Bars have received a makeover, and rather than being packaged in cellophane, they’re now in boxes, similar to the heart clams. The sample boxes are also in beautiful 1oz pots, rather than the hearts – and there’s a choice between a selection of six or 12.

But let’s take a look at my haul:

  • Heart Bar in Fresh Meadow 
  • 2 Snap Bars in Raspberry Ripple 
  • Heart Clam Bar in Coco Sandalwood 
  • Bunny Butts in Aloe Vera & Cucumber, Nag Champa and Vimto

Plus, two freebies:

  • Ice Lolly in Sticky Toffee Pudding 
  • Bunny Butts in Bananas & Custard

Raspberry Ripple snap bar wax melts

Omg, so there was me thinking that Raspberry Ripple couldn’t get any better – but it’s back and better than ever before! I love the scent, the colours and the wax pool it creates is mesmerising – so sparkly! Plus, I’m so on board for these new-look Snap Bars! The packaging is better, keeps the melt in better condition and I love the chunk/weight of the bar. I’m glad I bought two bars, because one isn’t enough!

Fresh meadow and coco & sandalwood wax melt bars with hearts
Fresh Meadow is one of the dreamiest scents. I have always loved anything cleaning/laundry-related – so all the Zoflora and Lenor scents are right up my street. Fresh Meadow is exactly that, a mix of fruit and floral and the scent is so long-lasting. I usually break my heart bars in 4-6 pieces, depending on the depth of my burner.

I’ve not yet tried the Coco & Sandalwood bar, but it’s made up of six hearts so will burn on six different occasions. It’s definitely a scent suited to the bedroom though, a really relaxing and soothing smell. I could be wrong, but I think it’s inspired by Molten Brown. I can’t wait to burn it – I just need to decide whether to do it before or after the Halloween range.

Beautiful bunny butt shaped wax melts

The Bunny Butts are the absolute cutest and are almost too pretty to burn. I selected three fragrances I’ve never tried before. They now come in packs of four, rather than two, which is fab. I always used two in one go, so used up the pack immediately – now they have two uses. It’s always good to pair bunnies up. Vimto smells exactly like the drink, and it made me feel all nostalgic. Even when I asked Alfie to choose my melt and he smelt them all, he said “mmm… juice”. Nag Champa is just bliss, and another one for the bedroom, I think. It’s like an incense smell, so calms the mind – and the scent throw is incredible! And you don’t get much fresher than Aloe Vera & Cucumber. A light, clean, beautiful scent – and another I find calming.

Since Sarah re-opened the website with October’s stock, there’s still plenty of products left. But once they’re gone, there will be nothing until November’s stock. Most of the Halloween range is still available, if that's what you're looking for (some of it is sold out).

Remember to use my discount code if you place an order: LUCY10. You can use it on every order you place, with some exceptions (like Fiver Friday). And my inbox on socials is always open, so if you’re looking for recommendations or want information on the scents or the products, just let me know. As always, my links are below. Next month, I’ll be reviewing the Halloween range, so be sure to check it out!

Love, Lucy xx

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