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Oh Nonna’s, it’s good to be back. My last meal before lockdown (a date day brunch) became one of my first post-covid – and it was another brunch! This time, there was the bonus of unlimited fizz and two of my girlfriends!

I love a bottomless brunch and it had been a while since the three of us were let loose for some daytime drinking, a good ol’ natter and some lovely food. And we were incredibly lucky to get a table. The booking system was only showing tables of two all day, so Vanessa called up and after a shuffle around, we were booked in and sat in the brasserie.

Bottomless brunch is £20 per person for unlimited beers, prosecco or selected cocktails, for a period of two hours. That price is just for the drinks, and any food must be paid for on top. We arrived slightly early but were immediately seated and it wasn’t long until the first bottle of fizz was brought out.

There’s plenty of choice on the brunch menu, with appetisers, starters, mains and sides, as well as a dedicated specials board. After much deliberation, we decided to get a selection of things to share. You all know how much I love tapas, so I was absolutely in my element – and easily to please, because everything on the menu sounded so good. It also helped the group indecisiveness – do we go starter and main? Main and side/s? Nibbles?

We may as well have ordered one of everything, and luckily the plates arrived in three instalments… ideal as there wasn’t too much table space. It also kept us guessing what would arrive next and what we were waiting on.

Tapas on a marble table with glasses of prosecco

Let’s start with round one…

Crispy pork belly ribs (£7.50) were really flavoursome. The meat was incredibly tender, and it just fell off the bone. Sometimes ribs are all bone, or fat and no meat – but this wasn’t the case at all. The fresh chilli garnish certainly packed a punch though. The classic pomodoro (£6.95) was really light and fresh. The sourdough toast was lightly toasted, and we cut the bruschetta into three pieces. The pesto was really tasty, and it soaked nicely into the toast. The tomatoes were full of flavour and well-seasoned. There was even the option to add smoked salmon to the mix (but we didn’t). Italian loaded nachos (£7.95) were perfect for picking at, and snacking on once all the plates had been cleared and we carried on sipping our bubbles. The best thing? They weren’t soggy! And while the arancini (£7.25) was absolutely delicious, it was only one giant ball, rather than balls. I think we were all a bit disappointed not to receive more than one, but it wasn’t so bad sharing. The cheese oozed out, and there was plenty of spinach. Plus, the flavours went so nicely with the salad garnish. Although we went veggie, there was also the option of bolognaise arancini.

Tapas dishes in a skillet, on a wooden board

And to continue…

My favourite (if I could narrow it down to one dish) was the popcorn king prawns with marie rose, chilli and spring onion (£9.95). There were only four in the portion, and I definitely could have done with some more. But the prawns were so succulent and not over-cooked, and the crispy coating was exactly that – so crispy! Again, the red chilli was quite hot – but it complemented the flavours of the drizzle. And the sweet potato & chorizo hash (£4.75) was divine – a great choice! The smokiness of paprika in the chorizo transferred to the sweet potato for a delicious autumnal dish. Even the colours gave me all the feels. It was still delicious once it has cooled down – almost like a potato salad.

Tapas on a wooden board

Finishing with more veggie options…

We also shared the brown miso buttered asparagus (£4.25) but requested the butter on the side. Sadly, this meant that the butter didn’t melt over the spears, but it was still divine. The asparagus was cooked perfectly. Then we had the smoked paprika halloumi croutons (£4.50) which were so moreish. You can’t go wrong with halloumi, and the paprika added a sort-of crust. It was great – and another dish that was still fine once it had gone cold. And finally, for a bit of veg, we had the rocket and watercress salad with Padano shavings (£4.50). Although both rocket and watercress are quite strong, distinct flavours, neither overpowered each other – and the dressing was beautiful. While some may say it’s too salty for their tastes, I absolutely loved the salt crystals used for seasoning – it really brought out the flavours of the salad.

After getting through four bottles, between three, in two hours, there was one thing for it – time to hit the deli! I absolutely love the deli and I can’t visit Nonna’s without then buying something to take home. As always, I bought cannolis – in my three favourite flavours: chocolate, lemon and pistachio. I also bought a few slices of lemon drizzle cake and a mini Portuguese custard tart (for the next day’s breakfast!). The cakes and pastries are always exceptional… but I have to admit, I’m gutted I always miss out on cakes from Tracy and recently, there’s been some delicious-looking doughnuts on Instagram.

Apparently, brunch is now booked up until January – so good luck getting in. If you have a booking, you’re certainly in for a treat.

Love, Lucy xx

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