Chelsea’s Monthly Melts Box Review

Wax melts in the shape of hearts and snap bar
Packaged wax melts in polka dot tissue paper, for a subscription box

I’ve followed Chelsea on Instagram for absolutely ages. I think it was back during her blogging days, but I don’t think we actually spoke that much. She’s since started up selling wax melts – Chelsea’s Melts – and previously sent me some of her start-up samples [gifted]. I was quickly hooked, and placed an order, you all know I love burning wax, and now she’s branched out into monthly subscription boxes.

She’s recently had a super cute brand update – a new logo and stickers and gorgeous packaging – and this coincided with the new addition to her product range. Since writing this, there have been so many updates on her Insta – new shapes, scents and colours… it’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to follow her journey!

The August box was priced at £7, including P+P and contained five products: two snap bars and three bags of mini hearts (10 in each pack). But what scents did we sample?

  • Lenor Unstoppables – Lavish (snap bar) 
  • White Musk (snap bar)
  •  Zoflora – Twilight Garden (hearts) 
  • Sea Breeze (hearts) 
  • Lenor Unstoppables – Fresh (hearts)

As I mentioned, the packaging was just beautiful, so wonderfully wrapped in super cute polka dot tissue paper. All the products were clearly labelled, with the relevant safety information. Like I said, the hearts came in packs of 10, but the snap bars were made up of eight squares. I’d say to use half the pack at each time – so five hearts or four squares – but I do love to fill my burners up.

Onto the scents…

Queen of Clean – Zoflora Obsessed

I am totally obsessed with Zoflora, but usually opt for fruity fragrances or fresh linen. I recently came across Twilight Garden, I think it was in Dunelm and I instantly regretted not buying more than one bottle. It’s so lush. I’ve not yet burned the wax melt, but it smells exactly the same and I cannot wait for the scent to fill our downstairs.

Laundry Dupes – Lenor Love

I am so on board for laundry-inspired scents and totally love the Lenor Unstoppables range. They’re my favourite kinda scents to burn in the living room because the throw is usually insane – and because our downstairs is open plan, it fills the hallway and kitchen. I’ve even been able to smell them coming down the stairs. I’m sure Lavish Unstoppables are no longer in existence, but I remember them being one of my favourites in the range – but I was actually totally surprised and preferred the Fresh melts.

And the rest?

Anybody else think of The Body Shop when they see or hear White Musk? I’m sure it was the first ever ‘perfume’ I bought when I was probably eight or nine. It’s such a delicate fragrance and it’ll be one for the bedroom (after I’ve finished burning the Love flower shapes) – perfect for unwinding.

Sea Breeze reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it – either a Febreze product or possibly something bathroom-related? It’s made me want a burner in our bathroom, but it’s only used by guests, so seems a bit pointless. I feel like there was definitely a theme with this box, all clean and fresh scents.

I find that Chelsea’s Melts are really long-lasting. I change up my scents on a weekly basis – depending on how often I burn them. The office burner is lit four days a week (when I’m working at home), while the bedroom one is lit probably just two or three nights a week. But my living room burner is lit every night – so I sometimes mix that up midweek.

Chelsea is hoping to have a website up and running – it’s her next project – but in the meantime, you can make purchases via Instagram, with payments being made on PayPal. She regularly updates her grids and stories with new scents, shapes and sales – well worth checking out. I’m already looking forward to next month’s box – and despite my hefty wax melt haul, I’ve put my order in!

Love, Lucy xx

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