Lockdown Skincare Routine – the night edit

I have to say, if one good thing has come out of being in lockdown, it’s that I now have a skincare routine again. I go through stages of trying really hard and others of being really lazy and sleeping in my make-up. Now, I’m wearing less and less make-up and I’m actually starting to see the benefits – regardless of all the breakouts I’m getting from eating all the baked goods and sweet treats! Anyone feel me?

For some reason, completely unknown to me too, I’ve decided to start with my evening routine. But I’ll be posting the day edit on Thursday, so keep your eyes out for that. This is a super short and sweet post, btw – I am so bad at ‘reviewing’ beauty products.

Like I say, I rarely wear make-up these days. To be honest, I still wear mascara every day, because I don’t think my glasses would hide my blonde eyelashes. But the most I’ll wear is foundation and a touch of bronzer.

If I’m only wearing mascara, I’ll only use my Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover. I’ve sworn by this for years and simply have never found anything better. It’s oil-based, but removes even the stubbornest of eye make-up. Shake to activate and you only need two or three drops on a cotton pad, one sweeping action around your eye and it’s all gone! It honestly lasts forever – I’ve had this sample bottle since Christmas.

If I’m wearing more make-up, I’ll remove it all first using The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. It’s amazing. You don’t need much, like a £1 piece. I rub it together in my hands to create a kind of balmy consistency, and then apply in circular motions – even in the eye area. It’s so gentle and it doesn’t irritate or sting the eyes. Remove with warm water. I use muslin to gently exfoliate the skin too, but you can use a flannel, cloth, or even cotton pads – whatever you normally use to remove make-up. If I find I still have panda eyes, I follow up with the Clarins product.

Then it’s my everyday routine. I have always loved Clarins, but Espa is pretty high up there too. I mix a couple of drops of Espa’s Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster in with my night cream (Clarins Multi-Active Nuit). Despite being oil-based, it isn’t greasy on the skin and mixed with the moisturiser, soaks in nicely, leaving my skin feeling supple and looking less dull. For the eye area, I apply a tiny bit (less than a pea-sized amount) of Espa’s 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser. Another product which seems to last forever, but is well worth shelling out for... Again, I’ve not found a better eye cream, so highly recommend this one.

I try and have a face mask once a week, and I’m currently going through some individual sheet masks and packs from my beauty basket. I haven’t really got a favourite or go-to mask, so please do hit me up with your recommendations.

How has your routine changed since lockdown?

Love, Lucy xx

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