Hello Fresh – our final box

We finally came to the end of our Hello Fresh journey what feels like a lifetime ago now, but I thought I’d still share my thoughts on this box, just to offer my recommendations to those that are considering to start using the service. I have since realised there are only four days worth of meals here – I had ordered a sausage bolognaise, but ended up freezing the pork mince to make burgers and instead, made a classic bolognaise with the store cupboard ingredients! But what else did I cook?
Monday:      Thai veggie noodle stir-fry with bok choy and sugar snaps
You can’t go wrong with a stir-fry for a quick and easy, but nutritious meal and this was packed full of veggies for colour. The Thai paste wasn’t overly spicy, but the lime gave it some much needed zing. The addition of salted peanuts transformed the dish, adding a crunch to an otherwise soft bowl of food. I would make this again in an instant – it was so much fresher and tastier than those bags of pre-packed stir-fry veg you can get.
Tuesday:     Pork & oregano sausages with glazed apples and savoy mash
What happens when you take a classic like bangers and mash and ramp it up a few notches? This is the outcome! Proper meaty sausages, with a totally transformed creamy mash (the addition of cabbage is spot-on) and oh my gosh, there’s something about those pots of apple & sage jelly that you get with a lot of the pork dishes... I need to know where to get it from or make my own! All Hello Fresh recipes containing mash potato say to never peel the potatoes and this has changed my life – it definitely makes a difference to the flavour. Again, I’d make this again in a heartbeat!
Wednesday: Mexican beef loaded wedges with zesty cream, peppers and carrots
I wasn’t a fan of this recipe at all, it was far too dry and too spicy. Alfie didn’t like it either, but I think that’s more down to all the veg and mince (he only eats mince as bolognaise, and even then, sometimes will pick at it). I cooked it in my Le Creuset square roasting tin, so it didn’t look the best – hence no ‘after’ photo. I think I cooked this on a day I’d been out for lunch at work, so wasn’t feeling hungry – and definitely didn’t enjoy it the next day. Ash had no complaints, mind. I feel if you’re a fan of Mexican, you’ll be disappointed by this.
Thursday:    Hoisin chicken & plum stir-fry with zesty rice
Ending on a high – a huge high – and possibly, my favourite Hello Fresh recipe card we got from our six boxes. We had previously had something very similar with noodles and I sung this recipe’s praises then, but it really is divine. I often prefer noodles to rice, while Ash is the opposite – but this was a hit with everyone, including my mum, which shows how long ago I made this! It stretched fine to three portions too, supplemented with spring rolls, of course! Can you even have an Asian-inspired dinner without picky starters?! The plum this time was in chunks, rather than wedges, and properly cooked down, so mixed with the sauce for sweetness. I mean, I would never have considered cooking plum in a stir-fry, but it really works – and totally lifted the flavour of the chicken, which was beautifully marinated. After the disappointment of the day before, they pulled it out the bag here!

Love, Lucy xx

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