Easter Weekend 2020... Lockdown edit!

Well I have to say that all things considered, we had a lovely Easter weekend and of course, the weather really helped. I caught the sun on day one – standard – and we even got the paddling pool out. I’d imagine it wasn’t so much fun if you don’t have a garden. But other than spending lots of time outdoors and eating lots of yummy (and local) food, we baked, crafted and played.
Good Friday was our neighbour’s daughter’s 5th birthday, and we had arranged to sing Happy Birthday, complying with social distancing – meaning from our front doors. I had promised to bake a cake (I winged it but the actual sponge recipe is from BBC Good Food) – so baked that on Thursday night and decorated it on Friday morning, complete with unicorn toppers and candles.
I had planned Alfie’s ‘home learning’ activities all around Easter that week and although it was a Bank Holiday and he doesn’t usually attend nursery on a Friday, we did some fun things. We crafted pom pom cards, which actually look so effective and cute! We then made the obligatory shredded wheat nests and crushed Mini Eggs cookies. I decided to use these to make little goodie bags for some of our neighbours’ kids: a card, a cookie, a nest and a mini chocolate egg enclosed in a plastic one. I ended up making five bags, enough for nine children – and Alfie got the leftovers. It was a busy day, full of stress and tears – but worth it in the end.

For me, Good Friday is synonymous with fish & chips and we were in luck as the chippy on our estate recently re-opened. I was able to place my order online and choose my collection time and when I arrived at 1:30pm, I was front of the queue, which barely formed. Alfie had sausage and chips and I had the seafood basket: breaded prawns, cod bites and two kinds of squid – oh, it was delicious! I know what I’ll be ordering most times in the future.

Over the weekend, I also arranged an Easter egg hunt for Alfie. I used my craft stick puppets as markers, with 10 to collect. He could exchange each one for a Cadbury Mini Mix egg (I don’t really like him having too much chocolate). There was also the bonus golden bunny, which he found and exchanged for four pairs of shorts – he was still in 9-12 months ones that day, so they were definitely needed! Alfie found all 11 sticks with minimal help and it was loads of fun – not least hearing him shout “big egg” and listing all the bunny colours: “this one’s pink!”
On Saturday night, we ate local again – ordering pizza from The Greedy Pizza. I had never realised it was The Greedy Italian’s sister restaurant and I’d had a wonderful brunch and Sunday lunch there before. Now I know, I think it will be our go-to pizza delivery. A few people on the estate Facebook page had sung its praises and they weren’t lying when they said the pizzas are massive. We ordered the XL BBQ boss, which was 24 slices for £25 – and my god, it barely got through the front door! It was fresh and delicious, certainly great value for money. Plus The Greedy Pizza don’t scrimp on toppings! It lasted three days, no joke, we finished it yesterday. It’s not just pizza, but pasta dishes and desserts too (Nutella calzone sounds dreamy) – and they run different offers every day, so well worth checking out.
Easter Sunday saw us (and everyone else in the street) have a visit from the Easter bunny. Our lovely neighbour organised it, supplying eggs for all the kids and eventually got roped into dressing up in the bunny outfit. Alfie was a bit confused seeing a giant bunny in the road, but he was buzzing when he saw his Buttons egg on the doorstep. He also received a couple of Easter eggs and toys from our neighbours – during this time, everyone has been so thoughtful, a proper little community!

No photos, but I cooked a standard Sunday roast, but being Easter weekend, it had to be lamb. Lamb shoulder with parmentier potatoes, carrots, cabbage, green beans and sugar snaps and I actually didn’t cheat and made homemade gravy. I cheated with pudding though – bread & butter pudding with tinned custard. It was delicious, nonetheless.

Bank Holiday Monday was a lot quieter, more chilled, largely down to the weather. After a busy few days, rest was needed and we just binge-watched The Repair Shop and season one of Sunderland ‘til I Die. We ended the day with Mexican Mondays, where I planned on cooking fajitas, but kind of turned them into enchiladas. Back to work again now though!

How was your weekend?

Love, Lucy xx

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