What I got for Christmas 2019

Following on from my last post, it’s now time to share what I received for Christmas. I looked back at my 2017 post and I know it’s only two years, but my taste/Christmas list remains much the same. It’s all about skincare, homeware and accessories. I’ve been talking to a few people and around Christmas time we all seem to run out of something. For some, it’s perfume, for me it’s cleanser/toner. Anyway, on with the post...

My main present from Ash was these Hunter wellies. I saw them on Brand Alley and just had to have them – especially as they had close to 60% off and were hot pink! I don’t own any suitable footwear for our winter/woodland walks and have already ruined two pairs of ankle boots, so they are much needed. He also put in the pair of thermal socks and I have to say, they are so cosy. Both came in handy when we visited Waddesdon Manor post-Christmas – blog post coming soon.
The Lipsy bag was from my lovely friend/neighbour and it was the most wonderful surprise. You cannot go wrong with a black handbag and this one is just gorgeous. It’s going to be my new work handbag as my poor Kurt Geiger one has taken a bit of a beating. The personalised shopper was from my nan and it’s something I can keep in my handbag as I’m forever going shopping without my Bag for Life or hessian shopper. It will certainly come in handy.
Mum often buys me a super-cute notebook at Christmas, which I use for blogging and planning. Last year, I received a duo of giraffe/safari themed ones and I’m still using the second one (I started using it in September, so it will see me through another few months, I’m sure). This year, I got a lovely initial one from Cath Kidston. It’s almost too cute to write in! Equally as beautiful is the travel wallet I got from Ash – perfect for our travels. It’s personalised with my current initials, but I’ll definitely still use it after changing my name. It came from Not On The High Street and he checked first that I liked it... I love it!

Food & Drink
The gin and prosecco topper sets came from Ash when we visited Bath Christmas Market. It was undoubtedly the highlight of a pretty nightmare day (too many people and a hangover after the work Christmas party). I’m looking forward to opening them in the New Year! The mini tea caddy was from Rob – what’s he trying to say? He knows me too well. I’m going to take it to work and once I’ve drunk the tea, I’ll use it to store my stick sachets of Beanies. In the background, you’ll see the Le Creuset teapot – that was a present from my mum to Ash. He’s said for ages he wants a teapot and this one obviously matches the rest of our Le Creuset kitchen!

The gin & prosecco hamper was from Ash’s mum. I’d tried the Foxdenton Christmas gin before and it’s divine – it tasted like spiced sugar plums. There are a couple of prosecco shimmer dusts (hot pink and rose gold) included, as well as a candy floss syrup to create a Bellini and some gin botanicals. His brother bought me the Gin Makers Kit and there are plenty of different recipes to try, including chocolate, Christmas and citrus. I can’t wait to give it a go – there’s certainly no alcohol shortage in this house!

The retro sweet hamper came from Alfie and I’ve already opened it (of course). Containing plenty of 90s items such as Anglo bubble gum, candy necklaces and lipsticks (yaaass!) and popping candy to give me all the nostalgic feels. Just looking at it makes my heart happy – anyone else love a throwback like this?

I’ve needed a new electric toothbrush for ages. I used to have the Sonic Chic which was a bloggers’ dream back in the day, but it was getting a bit grotty/faded. Ash bought me the Oral B Pro 2 in hot pink and I definitely prefer it. It comes with a travel case with enough space for two, so again, great for our travels. 

I’m always in need of Clarins skincare. I swear by their cleanser and toner and I’m sure Robert bought me the duo last year. I always run out around March/April time so it’s good to have extra in supply. This year he managed to find the duo with a cosmetic bag and a makeup remover (which is also amazing). I recently tried a sample of a Clarins day and night cream, and instantly loved both. I was really grateful to receive both pots for Christmas from my auntie and uncle – and my skincare routine is pretty much complete now.

Lipstick is always a must and after Alfie destroyed my very expensive Dior lipstick, I’ve been in need of a vibrant red. Rob chose this one from Charlotte Tilbury (my go-to lipstick brand) and it really is gorgeous, and long-lasting... he has great taste!

I love me a bath so bath bombs and smellies are always a welcomed gift. I got a box of four fruity bath bombs and two gorgeous baubles (one shower gel and one bath cream), which is mounted in our main bathroom. We have a new heart-shaped shelf which I must photograph soon. It’s full of products and candles and just looks fabulous!

My other present from Alfie was this beautiful personalised and embroidered recipe book (again from NOTHS). It would have been the loveliest surprise but for the adverts on Facebook and Instagram spoiling it for me. I cannot wait to design titles pages, write in my best handwriting and document my favourite recipes. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m the designated cook, so it’s an ideal gift. Ash also bought me the Jamie Oliver Veg cookbook to add to my collection. I’m sure I’ll look for some inspiration in the New Year – and who knows, they may even make my book.

I dream of a fully Le Creuset kitchen and mum bought me the butter dish as we don’t have one and I thought it would be a nice addition to our counter-tops. She also bought me the Cath Kidson meal planner/shopping list as I’ve always got one on the go. Our current one is from Tesco, but they last for ages! I just loved to be organised and meal plan for the week. I often fit three weeks worth of meals on one sheet, which is quite good for noticing patterns – meat-free Monday, usually pasta on a Thursday and something-and-chips on a Friday. 

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Please leave your links below, or hit me up on social to share your posts.

Love, Lucy xx

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