What Alfie got for Christmas 2019

I’ve looked back and noticed I didn’t post this last year, due to too much festive content and not enough time. I always love reading these kinds of posts, not only because I’m super nosey, but because I find them great inspiration. 2019 marked Alfie’s third Christmas and he still didn’t really understand it. He wouldn’t sit still and wasn’t interested in opening his presents, so I did most of it.

It’s strange because kids and Christmas has been a hot topic at work, with us mums discussing Christmas Eve boxes: yes or no? Stockings: yes or no? And the rough amount of money we spend. For me, I work hard all year and all my money goes on the house and Alfie. I’m more than happy to go without my luxury-branded make up, so if I can’t spoil my son at Christmas, when can I?! And it’s fair to say, he was spoilt.

I made him a Christmas Eve box with Paw Patrol pyjamas and DVD, a couple of books, some reindeer food and Milkyway Magic Stars. Then in the morning he had his stocking with all the essentials: new toothbrush and toothpaste, bath bits, a couple of small toys and the obligatory Satsuma/chocolate coins. He ate the fruit first! Then came the presents under the tree...
We love the Great Little Trading Company and often buy Alfie things from the website. He has so many books that his mounted bookcase can’t take anymore. I chose the bear pull-along cart, which was ideal because he received so many books for Christmas too. Our friends bought him the Winnie the Pooh set which will be a massive hit, while family bought him more of the ‘That’s Not My...’ books. I got him ‘The Large Family’ collection but the highlight was the Peppa Pig box set which I got at the bargain price of £29.99 in TK Maxx (RRP: £149.99)!
Last Christmas, mum bought Alfie the GLTC fix-it work bench, but we were unable to get the toolbox add-on – until this year! Thankfully I saw it in the catalogue and ordered it before it sold out again. He loves playing with both, always putting the screws in the holes and banging everything in sight with the hammer. Everything from the GLTC is always great quality, so it’s bound to last until Alfie out-grows it.
Clothes are always necessary and everyone must have known Alfie needed pyjamas and socks. He has his favourite pair of Happy Socks, so mum bought him some more pairs... which is good, because he will often pull said favourite pair out of his washing bag! After opening the Paw Patrol pyjamas on Christmas Eve, he received pyjamas from Robert, mum and Rebecca over the road. He also received some lovely jumpers, tops and sets. Mum had also bought Alfie a winter coat from Boden, which he had early because he needed a thicker coat for playing outside at nursery. Everyone at nursery knows how much he loves his ‘doggie coat’ and he won’t let his friend touch it.
Ash is the resident gardener in our house, but now he has a little helper. The Gruffalo mini gardener kit so cute and comes in a carry case to store all of the tools. Alfie loves being outside and quite often ‘helps’ in the garden, so no doubt he will look forward to spring. Not pictured are some really lovely wildflower seeds – they are in balls which can be instantly thrown on the soil, rather than planted, so Alfie can have his own patch.
Now to the toys & games. Robert bought Alfie the Leapfrog Leap Start 3D for his birthday and it came with a sample book. But now he has a full version book to read and learn with – and it’s Peppa Pig. Note to self: connect the device to the computer to make the book compatible. The tablet is great and Alfie loves playing with. He already knows his ABC and sings along to the alphabet song. He can also recognise objects that begin with certain letters, for example, A is for Apple. The tablet will certainly aid his development further.
The Vtech Toot-Toot Drivers Garage was another birthday present and he received loads of vehicles to play with it. With his Christmas money, we bought an additional set to connect to the garage, a fire station, so at least he will be more inclined to play with it. It also means he now has three fire engines, but it’s not the end of the world. Before, he only played with the cars, so hopefully now he will play with it in the way it’s meant to be played with.
He also received a selection of games and puzzles. I remember the Orchard Toys games from when I was a child and always loved playing them – my favourite was the shopping list game. I can’t wait to play these with Alfie. His Paw Patrol Glow Pad works using chalk-based pens and unfortunately it’s not a toy that Alfie can play with unsupervised – he would much rather draw on his hands and clothing than the pad itself. But it lights up in various colours, so is a fun addition.

What did your little ones get for Christmas? Please leave your links below or let me know on social, I’d love to have a nose!

Love, Lucy xx

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