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Thursday 17 May 2018

I love going to new places with Alfie and one of my mummy friends from Wednesday group suggested meeting up at ShortPlay in Leighton Buzzard. It’s a relatively new venture with a coffee shop, soft play, toys, projector showing Disney films and there’s even a salon next door, specialising in babies and kids’ cuts.

Thursdays at home are generally long and boring, so met up in the afternoon, after Alfie had eaten his lunch and Stacey’s boy (Lincoln) had napped. I got there reasonably early and the cafe was empty – perfect for Alfie to crawl around. I ordered a latte and a slice of homemade carrot cake, which was brought to my table; while another member of staff got Alfie a few baby toys and wrapped a soft caterpillar around him, so he had his only little zone. It was so lovely to be able to relax and actually enjoy a hot drink, knowing Alfie was having fun and in a safe environment.

The cafe itself is so clean and colourful. The chairs are white, with splodges of colour on the cushioned seats – to match the play zone and climbing wall. The play area is so inviting and modern – especially in comparison to other local soft play centres and cafe. And most of all, there’s plenty to do! The staff were so friendly, taking time to chat to us and sit with Alfie, while I waited for Stacey to arrive. She goes to ShortPlay regularly, so the staff really are getting to know her.

Alfie and Lincoln played together on the squashy mats, next to the climbing wall and loved rolling and crawling about. Even when it started to get busier and bigger children went into the play zone, we weren’t in the way, nor were the other children rough (again, like they have been at other establishments). Once we had finished eating and drinking (Stacey ordered a jacket potato with salad, which looked lush!), there was no pressure for us to leave and we were able to carry on chatting, while the boys started to tire.

The cafe is only about 10 minutes from where we live, so we will definitely be back. Parking was easy, with spaces around the back. Or alternatively, you could park in the Tesco opposite for three hours. Being a cafe, there is a charge of £3 for your child to play, if you do not purchase food or drink – but there is no specific entry charge. Next time, I’ll definitely go for lunch!

Love, Lucy xx

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