This Week for Dinner #4

As I write this post, I’ve already cooked this evening’s bolognaise and I’ve just fed Alfie his dinner (apple & banana puree – one of his favourites), while cooking him a parsnip for tomorrow’s dinner (he will like them eventually *edit* he still doesn’t like them). Talk about being a woman on a mission! As usual, I’ll be running a poll on my Twitter, so please be sure to follow me (links below) and vote for your favourite – and you’ll see the recipe on here very soon!
Monday: Creamy Courgetti
Courgetti – minced beef – chopped tomatoes – mascarpone
 Tuesday: King Prawn & Rocket Spaghetti
King prawns – wholewheat spaghetti – rocket – cherry tomatoes – onion
Wednesday: Hake Skewers with Salad
Hake – courgette – mixed tomatoes – butterhead leaves – avocado
Thursday: Chicken & Roasted Vegetables
Chicken breast – mixed peppers – courgette

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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