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Friday 30 March 2018

One of my mummy friends invited Alfie and I to the Good Friday Easter Disco at Mini Monsters cafe and soft play in Milton Keynes – and of course, we were well up for it! We’d all gone a few weeks back and had a good time, until Alfie got overtired and eventually fell asleep. It’s usually free for under 1s and adults, but being a Bank Holiday, there was a small charge (£1 for Alfie and £1.50 for me). The Facebook event said there would be a bouncy castle for under 5s, but we never saw one. And to be honest, we didn’t get involved in the fancy dress, dance games or disco element – we were there for soft play!

Both times we’ve now visited Mini Monsters, Alfie has loved two areas: the ball pit and the bubble screen. I guess he’s still a bit too small for the pit, as although he sits up now unaided, he just drowns in the balls and gets agitated. This time, there was a birthday party, so a few bigger children were in that play zone (despite signs with age restrictions), which of course unsettled him. We soon left that area and returned to the bubbles. Alfie could honestly sit there for hours. And the other side of the screen has another play area, probably more suited to his age group – it’s where we ended the afternoon, as Alfie fell asleep again!
One thing we did this time was go down the slide together – something we both enjoyed. I had Alfie in my lap the whole way down; however, Gemma held her Alfie so it felt like he was going down the slide himself. I would like us to go back as a family, so there’s one of us to go down the slide with Alfie and the other can be at the bottom to catch him.

Food at Mini Monsters is quite expensive – not that I would buy anything for Alfie anyway – so I took a snack with me, as well as his beaker of water. The staff are so helpful and good at heating jars of food or bottles and there are plenty of high chairs/booster seats for babies/young children. Again, they’re more than happy to help if you’re struggling or just need a hand.

I guess the disco element wasn’t really suitable for our little ones, but with no bouncy castle, it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. We had plenty of fun in the play areas and when it’s a rainy day and we don’t fancy being cooped up in the house, we will return.

Love, Lucy xx

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