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Disney on Ice, Worlds of Enchantment, Disney, Genting Arena, Birmingham, NEC
Disney on Ice, Worlds of Enchantment, Disney, Genting Arena, Birmingham, NEC
Disney on Ice, Worlds of Enchantment, Disney, Genting Arena, Birmingham, NECSaturday 31 March 2018 

Firstly, apologies for the quality of these photos, but it’s always difficult to get some decent shots at an event like this. Something you may not know about me – I love Disney! Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m a geek or super fan, but I have all the classics (bar Moana) on DVD and cannot wait to get Alfie into it. In fact, going to Disney features on my ’30 before I’m 30’ list and to be honest, I’m toying with the idea of taking Alfie for his second birthday! Anyway, Ashley bought me tickets for Disney on Ice at the NEC (now the Genting Arena) in Birmingham for Christmas, so for months I’ve been excited. I had been to one of the previous shows – a drunken purchase at Uni saw myself and two housemates go to the O2, but each year is different.

Two things always remain the same: 1) the hosts and 2) the first half consisting of only one film. The hosts, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are joined briefly by Goofy and Donald Duck and there’s always a story between films. The first half of this year’s show focused on Toy Story 3 and while it contained all the key scenes, I found it went on a bit too long – and I know had we taken Alfie, he wouldn’t have been able to sit through it! I think if it was one of my favourite Disney films, I may have enjoyed it more. I did like the scene involving Barbie and Ken, where he tries on numerous items in his wardrobe to impress Barbie – and the quick changes were most impressive (it left me wondering if there were multiple Kens?!).

After a 20 minute interval and a wander around the concourse to view all the merchandise on display (we didn’t buy anything, only a programme), it was back to our seats for part two. The second half was more action-packed, covering three films and beginning with The Little Mermaid. The last time I was at Disney on Ice, The Little Mermaid featured, but it was slightly different this time and the costumes are always impressive. Unfortunately, there were a couple of falls during the routine, so every time there was a jump or lift, I was almost on edge, wondering whether the skaters would make it!

The next film shown was Cars and while I’ve never seen it (or have any interest in seeing it until Alfie wants to), the special effects and mechanics were most impressive. We were trying to work out how the cars moved around the ice, it could well have been remote controlled – but I wish I had got some videos of them in action, as it was amazing to watch and the kids around us loved it.

The final film was Frozen, which of course was very popular and a fitting finale. It was also my favourite of all the performances, complete with wind and snow machine. The effects were fab and the props set the scenes well. The Elsa looked exactly like the one you often see on TV and there was even a little Olaf gliding around on the ice. I did so well not to break out into song – I didn’t think it was right, us being on our own, but there will be no stopping me next time!

To be honest, there were quite a few couples there without children, not only younger than us, but older or of a similar age, too. There was also a six-month-old baby behind us, who was largely quiet throughout the evening – but I am glad we didn’t take Alfie as he’s just too young. When he’s big enough, we will definitely take him to a show – after all, it’s on every year.

Disney on Ice is only on in Nottingham, Cardiff and Aberdeen now, as it’s coming to an end. However, more information and tickets can be purchased here.

Love, Lucy xx

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