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Biolage, All Beauty, Hair, Hair Care,
Biolage, All Beauty, Hair, Hair Care,
I have been meaning to post this for ages, but decided to combine two posts in one!
During my pregnancy, my hairdresser told me how lucky I was to have such lovely long, thick, luscious hair – but post-partum, it would fall out, thin and lack life. And boy, she wasn’t wrong! Since giving birth, my hair has been a total nightmare – it comes out in clumps, whether that’s in the shower or in Alfie’s fist; it simply hangs and has no shape; but most of all, it eventually stopped growing.

Fortunately, the team at All Beauty (my one-stop-shop for all things hair, skincare and beauty) felt my pain and sent me some fabulous Biolage goodies*. I received three products from the Uplift range: a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask; as well as a replenish oil mist.

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner twice a week and the hair mask once, usually at the end of the week – but I’ve certainly noticed a difference. My hair’s natural volume is restored and it’s less prone to breakages. Generally, I’m not a fan of oil-based products on my hair, so haven’t used the mist that much – but it can also be applied to the body, so I’m quite tempted to see how that works out. That said, the oil can be applied to the hair overnight, while it’s dry, so I’ve been using it the night before I’m due to wash my hair – so it doesn’t affect my hair’s natural oil.

I’ll be honest, when I buy hair care products, I’m not too bothered about the ingredients – although I will buy products tailored to my hair (usually damaged, sometimes coloured). However, this Biolage range is all-natural, containing products that nurture the hair. Each bottle has been given the RAW stamp of approval, that’s Real Authentic Wholesome; so if natural products are something you look for, this is the range for you! Similarly, if like me, you’re suffering post-partum, or have naturally fine, dull hair, I couldn’t recommend these products more. Maybe, I’ll even check labels more in future. I must add, despite being natural and plant-based, the shampoo and conditioner smell fab. The conditioner contains kiwi extract, while the hair mask contains ginger – and both contain kaolin clay. You can buy the trio from All Beauty here; while the oil mist is here.
And to the second part of my post – I’ve had most of my hair chopped off! I coloured it myself and then got it cut... and I love it! It was getting far too long and Alfie loves grabbing it – he forever has clumps of my hair tangled around his hands and feet, we find it in every room of the house and it was getting too much for me to manage.

In terms of the colour, I used a box dye as I couldn’t afford to get it done properly by a hairdresser. I used L’Oreal’s Casting Crème Gloss (my personal favourite) and colour 603 which is chocolate caramel.

And talking of hairdressers – I have a new one! When we moved, I was really concerned about finding a hairdresser as mine in Essex is amazing and has been cutting my hair forever. I can’t really justify travelling back to Brentwood to get my hair done, especially if it’s just a cut. But a lovely lady called Zoe (Hair & Beauty by Zoe) came over to give me a much needed CBD – and in future, I’ll probably go to her home salon!

After a brief consultation, it was clear I needed a lot off the length – and while I knew what I wanted, I kinda left it in Zoe’s hands... I didn’t have any photos to go off. She took three inches off the main length (eek!) before adding layers, which were shaped around my face. I have had layers in the past, but more recently have just stuck to one length as it’s so easy to maintain. I have to say though, after losing my pregnancy weight (plus an extra stone for good measure); the cut really frames my face well and suits me a lot better than my last attempt at ‘short’, which was teamed up with an awful full fringe. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and have already planned on balayage for the summer... but of course I’ll be back for a couple of cuts in between.

Thank you All Beauty and Zoe for giving me fabulous smooth, shiny hair, which has plenty of volume again!

What do you think of my new hair?

Love, Lucy xx

*Products were sent to me FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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