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My little love turns six months // Soft play fun in MK // Midweek at home, ft. obligatory Snapchat filters // Happy Mother’s Day, ft. my 1st Mother’s Day // Cut my hair // Dyed my hair // Snow day means play day // Alfie starts weaning // Kitchen is complete

My last update was over a month ago now and so much has happened since then – particularly with regards to Alfie’s growth and development. I wish I had written monthly update posts on him now, so I have something to look back on – he’s developing so quickly. Not only is he over a stone in weight and over two foot tall, he has two teeth... definitely soon to be four!

The biggest development is that we’ve started weaning and in the last few days, have set up his high chair. No amount of research or talking to other mum’s could prepare me for how much of a messy struggle it could be – especially considering how impatient I am – but it’s also loads of fun! I’m quite anti pre-made, so have been blending fruits and vegetables in our Breville Blend Active, adding water or his formula if I need to. So far on the ‘like’ list are apple & carrot, apple & banana and sweet potato; meanwhile on the ‘dislike’ list are parsnip and cod with new potatoes & broccoli. I cannot wait to introduce finger foods. I also cannot believe that Alfie turned six months at the end of last week... the time has flown by!

The biggest change to me has been my hair... I’ll be writing a more in-depth post about that soon. But it was in need of a massive cut – the ends were so dry and dead; it lacked any kind of life and shape. I coloured it myself on a Sunday night, once Alfie was in bed and while Ashley was at football and then had it cut the following Tuesday. One of the hairdressers on the estate came to me, which was super handy – and she was very patient with Alfie crying and then in need of feeding. She took about three inches off the main length and then layered it around my face. It’s still easy to maintain, but unfortunately, I can’t blow dry it as good as her! Oh and not only have I lost my baby weight, I am a stone lighter than I was before I fell pregnant. Winner!

And of course, more recently, we’ve had Mother’s Day – my first Mother’s Day! Again, I’ll be posting about my day, so don’t want to go into too much detail. Both me and my mum were very spoilt and I was so pleased I got to spend the day with my four favourite people (that’s Ashley, Alfie, my mum and brother for those that don’t know!).

What’s going on in your world?

Love, Lucy xx

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