Sundays are for family at The Anchor, Hullbridge

Dining, Essex, Review, The Anchor, Hullbridge, Pub, Restaurant, Riverside,
Dining, Essex, Review, The Anchor, Hullbridge, Pub, Restaurant, Riverside,
A few weekends ago now we were back in Essex. My cousin had been over from Australia and was soon going back – and my Nan wanted to get us all together for a big family meal. Difficult with Ash working weekends, Rob living in London and us being up here... but we managed to settle on a date. The three of us met the other four at the restaurant – The Anchor – not too far from where my Nan lives.

I’d never been there before, but it’s right on the river, making it a lovely location – especially in the summer. Driving down, I remembered afternoons from my childhood at the riverside, playing in the park and in the fields, where we’d even sometimes have a picnic. Being a Sunday, it was busy, especially with larger families eating together, so booking is recommended – particularly if there are a large number of you!

Obviously there was a Sunday menu, consisting of four roast options: rump of beef, pork belly, half a chicken and something for vegetarians. But thankfully the usual a la carte menu was running – and that’s what Ash and I chose from. I cook a roast dinner for us every Sunday, so we fancied a change. And luckily, the menu was extensive with classics, grills, salads and more. My Nan, Luke, mum and Rob all ordered roast dinners though and they did look very nice... I’m sure it was a full house of beef, too.

I chose the house burger (beef patty with cheese, bacon, salad and pickles, a mustard mayo and red onion marmalade), with fries. Quick side note: I’ve been out and ordered burgers the last three weekends and every time I have felt ill afterwards. Not sure if it’s all the fat or carbs or what? Anyway, I really enjoyed the burger at the time, the patty was large and cooked well – it must have been good, as I ate it all!

Ash ordered the fish pie from the ‘home comforts’ section of the menu. It looked a decent size with a side of vegetables. I don’t think I even asked him how it was; I was too busy stuffing my face... whoops!

We all went in for desserts or coffee (or both in Rob’s case) and as Luke had been working at The Anchor and had tested some of the dishes, he had plenty of recommendations. Everyone knows by now I have a sweet tooth and everything on the menu really stood out – it was a difficult decision. Banoffee sundae? White chocolate cheesecake? Double chocolate brownie? In the end, I opted for the passion fruit & lemon curd meringue mess. Tangy, sweet and creamy – this take on the classic Eton mess was absolutely heavenly and not too rich. Meringue is notoriously light, but the cream was too. I devoured the bowl within seconds!

After the coffees, a further natter and another round of pass the parcel Alfie, it was time to go – after all, we had a long way back to MK. I would most definitely return to The Anchor when visiting my Nan. The food and service were good and the atmosphere was convivial.

Love, Lucy xx

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