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As I said in one of my previous posts, January went so slowly, even though we seemed to have lots going on. That said, this is barely an update, as there isn’t too much to share!

Our ‘no chocolate except Sunday’ house rule didn’t last long, I gave up with training at the gym and with two birthdays and a number of guests, I found myself going out for food lots (bad for the bank balance, as well as the figure). We had my lovely friend Vicky over one Sunday, which was fab as she hadn’t seen the house, or Alfie for a few months – in fact, the last time was my baby shower which she organised, when Alfie was two weeks old. We went to a pub in the next village for burgers and returned the following day for lunch with Ashley’s grandparents. We also enjoyed January Blues at Yo Sushi, burgers at Byron and waffles in St. Albans for my birthday brunch.

I’m finally feeling a lot more settled – made better by groups twice a week. We go to classes on Wednesday and Friday and while Alfie is often one of the youngest (and littlest), it’s a great opportunity for me to chat with other mums and also meet others on the estate. On the Friday, there’s always homemade cake – and let’s be honest, there’s nothing better!

However, the biggest news is on the house front – Alfie’s room is finally finished. I’m going to be writing a post at some point anyway, because I think it deserves to be documented – but I couldn’t wait and just had to share a preview on Instagram. It looks amazing and full credit goes to Ashley, who did everything! Alfie has been in his cot for a while now, so spends a lot of time in his room. When he understands it’s his space, I know he will love it!

Side note: I also updated my layout, please let me know your thoughts. I have so much content planned, it’s just finding the time to upload, but I’ll get there!

Love, Lucy xx

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