Birthday Burgers at Byron, Milton Keynes

A few weekends ago now, we took a trip to Centre MK as we both had birthday money to spend. As Ash had taken me out for a birthday brunch, I promised I’d take him out for lunch and he decided we head to Byron – we’d never been before, but had walked past it countless times when at the shopping centre. It didn’t disappoint.

Although quite dark inside, the restaurant is actually huge and extends past the kitchen/serving hatch. The back part of the restaurant has ample space and that’s where we decided to sit – being a Sunday, it wasn’t busy, so were given pick of the tables and it made sense as we had Alfie in the buggy. We were instantly handed menus and I turned straight to the drinks card, already on the table.
With burgers come milkshakes and Byron have a vast selection, including hard shakes and freak shakes. We both went for Oreo shakes – booze-free – and they were so good. It says a lot about the size of a milkshake when I can’t drink it all, but once it had melted, it was quite sickly. Ash was originally going to get the Oreo freak shake (which supposedly serves two) – I’m sure he’s quite glad he ordered just a regular shake! Especially when you consider the amount of food we ordered as well...
I had a quick look online prior to our visit, so always knew I’d have the avocado smash chicken burger. With the choice of fried or grilled chicken, I went for the latter – semi-healthy, right? I love me a chicken avo burger and this was no different. The brioche bun was super soft, the salad crisp and fresh; my only complaint would be there was too much red onion for my liking and it was quite hot. But there was plenty of chicken.
Ash chose the Byron proper hamburger: a beef patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and Byron sauce. I think Byron sauce is their take on burger sauce – whatever it was, it was tasty. He was even asked how he’d like his burger cooked, which I thought was good. Both burgers came served with a large pickle – call me weird but they’re my favourite!

As is often the way with burger restaurants, sides weren’t included and as we didn’t know how big the burgers (or sides for that matter) were going to be, we opted for two sides. The cheese fries were incredible, but the sauce ended up being very rich. The fries were so crisp, even when drowning in sauce. I’d love to know which cheese(s) is used, as it was irresistible. We shared onion rings, which I usually find hit and miss. These were too greasy for my liking – the onion was chunky and only in a light batter, but there was too much excess oil. I only ate two and certainly couldn’t manage any more.

If you’re shopping and in need of a break and proper burger, Byron is the place for you. I’m sure we’ll go back... maybe next time, I’ll have a hard shake!

Love, Lucy xx

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