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As I begin life as a mumma, it’s fair to say I’ve not really done very much recently. My time is spent prepping bottles, changing nappies and trying to catch up on sleep (when it’s possible). I can never plan anything anymore and there are days I simply don’t want to leave the house... and when I do, the weather’s rubbish!

A few weeks ago, we had to go into Brentwood to register Alfie’s birth and afterwards, we met up with some friends. We just went to one of the quieter pubs for a couple of hours for a catch up and so they could see Alfie for the first time. We’ve also been out in the car a bit – to Ashley’s work so his colleagues could meet our munchkin and despite it being 45-50 minutes away, he was very good in the car.

You may have seen my blog post about my baby shower, which was planned well in advance – and which Alfie decided to gatecrash! My lovely friend Vicky organised it all and it was sort of a surprise – although I had provided a guest list, I had no idea who was going to be attending. I was pleased with the turnout and although it wasn’t a conventional shower, we enjoyed a good natter over finger sandwiches, cakes and fizz. Read more: My Baby Shower.

More recently, we went to visit my dad at the burial ground and took some white roses for the plot. I had felt really bad because I hadn’t been to visit for ages and when I normally go, I read my diary and talk to dad – but I hadn’t even told him I was pregnant... it was that long since I’d been! We didn’t stay long as it was too cold for Alfie and I felt too emotional. I plan to go again soon though, on my own. It makes me sad that my dad never got to meet Ash, but it’s even worse he’ll never know I was pregnant and know his grandson and my little boy doesn’t have a grandad.

Considering, I never have time for myself anymore, I decided to treat myself to a new foundation. I barely wear makeup due to the time constraints and there’s no way I can justify £30-something on the Dior foundation I always wear anymore. So thankfully I used my Boots points on the new MaxFactor foundation – and I love it. It’s equally as good, but at a fraction of the price. I also love my pamper hamper that my boys bought me. Mum loves keeping an eye on Alfie while I relax in the bath with candles and bubbles. Read more: Enjoying mummy me time with Baby Blooms.

Next week is half term so mum won’t be working and the following week my auntie is over from Madrid, so hopefully we’ll have a bit more planned. The week after that, we are set to move house if all goes to plan – so it’ll be all systems go.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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