10 things I miss about being pregnant

Baby, Life, Parenting, Personal, Pregnancy,
Baby, Life, Parenting, Personal, Pregnancy,
Without sounding like I’m showing off, I had the easiest pregnancy and now Alfie is five weeks old, I thought I’d look back at the things I miss about being pregnant.

(1) Exciting Milestones
From initially finding out I was pregnant and telling those closest to me, to the first scan and the moment we found out we were having a boy. The first time I heard Alfie’s heartbeat (before we knew it was a boy) and the first time I felt him kick. Of course, the firsts continue now he’s here – but there’s nothing like the anticipation and excitement of waiting for your little one to arrive.

(2) Eating!
Initially, I wasn’t eating enough and healthy eating, combined with the gym saw me lose weight. However, when I was having those extra calories, I loved it! I was incredibly lucky, as other than the weight of Alfie and all that came with him, I didn’t put any weight on – and went straight back to my pre-pregnancy weight immediately. I wish I could get away with eating two packets of crisps and a share size of bag of Haribo now...

(3) Bump Interaction
I know some people hate it, but there was nothing I loved more than my family and (close!) friends interacting with my bump. Whether it was stroking, or singing, it made me smile so much. Growing a little person is such a magical and special thing – and I guess I just wanted to share it with those closest to me. En route to work, I’d often talk or sing to my munchkin.

(4) Having an excuse to do (and not do!) things
 Want an extra sandwich? Don’t fancy being sociable? Want someone to run an errand for you? Blame pregnancy. After all, no one wants to get on the wrong side of a hot, bothered, tired and hormonal pregnant woman!

(5) Being treated like a Princess
My mum pretty much waited on me hand and foot: cooking my dinner, doing my washing and ironing... and to some extent, she still does! My friends and work colleagues were equally as fab during my pregnancy. But it was even strangers too, which leads to my next point...

(6) The kindness of strangers
It wasn’t everyone, I mean there were times I was on the tube and not one person would offer me their seat as they were too interested in their phones or smelly food... but on the whole, strangers were kind. They did offer their seats. They opened and held doors. They would offer to help if I looked like I was struggling. It’s the little things.

(7) Good skin / hair / nails
During my pregnancy, my hair and nails were the best they’ve ever been. My hair was so strong, glossy and full of life; while my nails were strong and actually grew. That’s definitely all changed now – all three are terrible, so it’s little wonder I don’t always fancy going out.

(8) Shopping
Luckily with my minimal weight gain, I didn’t need to buy that many maternity clothes, which was good as I wasn’t keen on spending lots of money on clothes I’d wear only a handful of times. I’m talking baby shopping! Getting ready for a new arrival is so much fun, but also hard work. We weren’t able to properly nest, still living at mum’s, but I’m now equally excited to house shop for our place – especially getting Alfie’s bedroom/nursery ready!

(9) Having a pamper routine
I love evenings to myself and there was nothing I enjoyed more than having a pamper night and a proper skincare routine. Maybe that’s why my skin was so good? I also really loved caring for my bump. Spending a good 30-40 minutes every evening, working my way through a wealth of products was usually the highlight of my day – especially when I was getting bigger and work (well, the commute!) exhausted me.

(10)           Telling people
Even though it was never plastered on social, I was so pleased when I could start telling people – I mean it’s such great news to share! If anything, I was keen to see the reaction of some people. Thankfully, everyone was so supportive and happy for us – which was good, as I was worried about receiving negative comments. The first people I told were Ashley, my mum and my two very good friends: Gemma and Poppy. We didn’t tell everyone straight away.

Mummas; what were your favourite things about pregnancy and what do you miss?

Love, Lucy xx

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