10 things I don’t miss about being pregnant

Baby, Life, Parenting, Personal, Pregnancy,
Baby, Life, Parenting, Personal, Pregnancy,
If you saw Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that I revealed the 10 things I miss about being pregnant. So what about those things I don’t miss? Well you’re in luck, as tonight I share the 10 things I don’t miss about being pregnant.

(1) Lack of sleep
Not being able to sleep now because Alfie is crying, needs feeding or changing, is absolutely fine. It’s part and parcel of being a parent. However, not being able to sleep during pregnancy because you can’t get comfortable, have aches and pains, a weak bladder or are dehydrated are not fine! I think I was having a maximum of four hours sleep a night by the end of my pregnancy – not ideal!

(2) Feeling uncomfortable
More about this: having to sleep on your side, well your left hand side, as opposed to your back; having the awful pelvis and leg pain while you sleep, causing you to wake up; having your bump in the way, not only when you sleep; not being able to sit down for long periods and likewise, not being able to stand or walk for long periods. I don’t miss any of it at all!

(3) ALL the questions
Was it planned? When are you due? Do you know what you’re having? Have you thought about names? How come you didn’t know for so long? How are you feeling? How’s Ash feeling? What did your mum say? Are you eating enough? Are you sure you should be eating/drinking that? What are you going to do about work? Don’t you still live at home? Oh my god, when you are pregnant, everyone wants to know all of your business. Even those you don’t speak to often, or aren’t close. Enough with the questions!

(4) The restrictions
Like I said, sleeping on my side was enough of a restriction – especially as I often sleep on my back and I’m such a wriggler when I sleep. But don’t get me started on how I felt towards the end of my pregnancy; I was almost like an invalid. If I wasn’t wearing pumps or sandals, I could barely lean over to put shoes on or tie laces; it would take me forever to shave my legs and I would always miss a bit; I had to pray someone was with me in case I dropped something and couldn’t pick it up, or worse, fell over and couldn’t get up again! And what about food and drink..?

(5) Say goodbye to your favourite food and drink
I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really miss too much food or drink during my pregnancy and I didn’t have any cravings until about week 30! I had to cut down on green tea at work and my tiredness couldn’t be cured with a large mug of coffee, but I didn’t miss it. Likewise, I didn’t miss alcohol – I’m not one for going out or drinking to excess at the weekends. There were some foods I missed though. I have since adjusted from having my steaks blue/rare, to medium-rare – and my body thanks me for it. I missed my takeaways with mum from Sushi City (we are having it tomorrow for the first time in aaages). I’m not even a cheese fan but I bloody love brie! And strangely, something as simple as dippy eggs and pate on toast needs to come back into my life! They say some things can be consumed in moderation, but I cut everything out.

(6) Baby brain
I hated baby brain, it genuinely made me feel like I’d lost the plot. I seemed to forget everything and quite often repeated myself. I could never remember the date, my age or if I had said something. Some say I lack commonsense, but this was on another level!

(7) Breathlessness
At work, the lunch room was on the third floor, so by the time I got to sit down, I was out of breath. Six flights of stairs from and to the office was just hell. Similarly, I could walk briskly for 10 minutes before sounding like I was about to pass out. I must have looked like the most unfit girl in the world – at least I had an excuse, though!

(8) Feeling hormonal
During my pregnancy, I didn’t think I looked good – especially when I was showing! My body confidence hit an all time low and there were days I thought I was repulsive and was worried Ash thought the same. I worried a lot – about money, my health and Alfie’s health. I constantly wished my dad was around. I cried a lot. It should have been a happy time because after all, being pregnant is such a wonderful thing. So yeah, I don’t miss being a hormonal wreck!

(9) Relying on people
Whilst I loved being treated like a princess and having so much help on-hand, I really don’t like relying on other people. I hated knowing I relied so much on mum at home; on Ash to drive when I was tired, or to cook dinner or make me a cuppa when I stayed there; and on my work colleagues to make the drinks round when the tray was too heavy or because getting cold water meant going upstairs. I just like doing things myself.

(10)           ALL the side effects
Okay, so I’ve said before I had it fairly easy. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t stress-free. Everything else you can get, I had: dry/itchy skin, stretch marks, heartburn, tiredness, constant weeing... I had it all! None of those are particularly attractive and I could not wait to return to normality!

Mummas; what did you hate about pregnancy and what don’t you miss?

Love, Lucy xx

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