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Okay, so I find myself apologising again, even though there is nothing to be sorry about. Yep, I’ve been MIA again! My last blogging absence was because I was pregnant and then our little boy arrived in the world. This time, it’s also good news – I am a homeowner! Ashley and I (and Alfie, of course) moved in on November 3rd and are finally getting settled. There’s a lot that needs doing to make this house our home but we are getting there – we even fitted curtains in our bedroom this week! A new house means a new location... I am no longer in Essex!

It’s strange. When I left for Uni (albeit, nearby in Hertfordshire), I couldn’t wait to ‘move out’ and leave Essex. I wasn’t leaving many friends or anything behind and I really didn’t enjoy home life. Since graduating and returning home in 2011, I’ve been looking forward to this day. But when the day finally arrived and I was packing up my bedroom and other belongings (still not fully complete, btw... I have way too much stuff!), I was hit by sadness and a wealth of memories. Not only was I saying goodbye to my home of 22 years, but more importantly, I was leaving my incredible mumma, who’s now on her own. I always knew I would leave Essex when it came to Ashley and I moving in together, but we obviously didn’t anticipate it being so soon.

So now I’m living in Milton Keynes, in a lovely soon-to-be-perfect house. I’m very much enjoying the mum life and being with my two boys. The estate is ideal for taking Alfie out for walks in his buggy, with a lake and park nearby. I’m still looking for things to do and see in the area, as well as classes/meets to attend. I really am on my own, so need to spend time with other mums and make friends. We have met a couple of our neighbours already, though.

I’ve learned a lot already: how to defrost a freezer, how the washing machine works and what an electric oven is all about. And do you know what I love? Cooking every evening! I have always loved cooking, but during my pregnancy and while I was at home, I relied on mum far too much and became lazy. I love having dinner ready every evening when Ash gets home from work. I don’t even mind the constant cleaning that’s been needed. I love being a stay at home mum.

I guess that makes me a Beds/Bucks blogger now... do any of you read this or follow me on Twitter and can you recommend anything to do with a two-month-old? Mummy bloggers, make yourselves known. You can follow/tweet me: @Luuuce_x.

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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