March Favourites

March, Favourites, BBloggers, LBloggers, Ginger Lily, Jasmine Silk, Marc Jacobs, MAC, Imperial Leather, Astral
March, Favourites, BBloggers, LBloggers, Ginger Lily, Jasmine Silk, Marc Jacobs, MAC, Imperial Leather, Astral
This evening I’m sharing my monthly favourites – and while February’s was a struggle, there’s so much this month I’d like to share.

First up, I absolutely adore my silk pillow case – so much so, Ashley bought me a spare so I can alternate while one is in the wash. My mum bought me the first one for my birthday and I’ve been in love ever since. It’s so soft and silky; I love the feeling on my skin. I’ve noticed such a difference to my hair, too – and even my hairdresser commented last week that it’s in the best condition for years. I thoroughly recommend these over standard cotton pillowcases. You can buy yours through Ginger Lily or Jasmine Silk.

The Astral Soft face & body lotion is something I use most days. It’s great for areas prone to dry and/or flaky skin and I usually apply it to those points after tanning. It absorbs into the skin quickly and is deeply moisturising without being greasy, leaving the skin super soft. The aloe scent is subtle and therefore, doesn’t irritate the skin like other lotions can. While I generally opt for a hand cream with vitamin e, I have noticed since using this product, my nails are a lot stronger, too.

My best friend bought me a Mac lipstick – my first Mac lipstick – for my birthday and it’s true what they say, once you go Mac, you don’t go back! The shade she picked is called ‘Please Me’, which is a soft rosy pink. Even though it’s a matte finish, I find it a lot creamier than other matte lipsticks and also, it doesn’t have that dry feeling. It’s also really long-lasting.

You know spring is here when you switch the fragrances of your every day products, I’m thinking shower gels and perfumes. Is that just me? I’ve been loving the Imperial Leather sweet-inspired shower gels for some time now, but have fallen back in love with the fruit salad/fruit chew one! The bottle is so cute, the smell is gorgeous and out of the range, I find this one lingers on the skin the longest. I also love the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume: Eau so Fresh – and I’ll definitely re-purchase it once it’s empty (and my spending ban is over!). I love the slight sweet sherbet smell, which makes it that little bit nicer than the original Daisy (which I also have in my collection, but is much more floral). It almost reminds me of some of the limited edition Escada fragrances – and makes me want to go on holiday now!

What were your March favourites?

Love, Lucy xx

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