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I’ve been such a busy bee recently, with so much planned over consecutive weekends and I am so glad it’s a three-day week this week with the Easter Bank Holidays looming! I honestly don’t know my next free weekend, so will be grateful for some time off work.

A few weekends ago now we were in London as I’d booked tickets to see The Lion King. To make more of an evening of it, I also booked a table at the Air Street branch of Hawksmoor – where we had a pre-theatre meal and drinks in the bar. It was such a lovely evening, although we were both so tired by the train journey home. Hawksmoor is definitely one of my favourite London restaurants.

Then a fortnight ago, I was invited to my workie friend Poppy’s surprise 30th. Her mum had arranged afternoon tea at her house, with family, friends and only two of us from work invited. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we managed to sit outside and enjoy finger sandwiches, cakes and small savouries. It was such a lovely occasion and good to have so many different people together.

Did anyone else watch the Rio Ferdinand documentary? It was so insightful and something I could completely relate to. I honestly felt fine until the closing credits and then I got really emotional and had an awful night’s sleep. It also marked a year to the day that I last went out with dad, as it was Easter Monday and we were at Barnet together. I was considering writing a post about how I’ve been feeling lately – would anyone be interested in reading it? I think it’s more a case of knowing someone else is in the same boat as you, so if anyone is, contact me on Twitter!

Last weekend, we had the workies get-together for Poppy’s 30th (her birthday was last Tuesday), which had been planned for months. Again, we were so lucky with the weather. I was considering blogging the day in its entirety, but I think I’ll just write a restaurant post. We began the day at noon for cocktails at Madison (one of my favourite places in London, with spectacular views of St. Paul’s), before venturing to Brick Lane for Junkyard Golf (which I won!). After more cocktails at Commercial Tavern, we had a dinner reservation at Hot Box (on my restaurant list), which of course involved more alcohol. It was such a great day – and well worth the hangover the following day (read: following two days). On the Sunday, I drove to Ash’s and we spent a couple of hours walking around Ashridge Estate, which was beaut – and certainly helped us both as we both felt shocking. He cooked a really yummy roast in the evening. The weekends certainly go too quickly!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Great pics! We shall have to try junkyard golf one night, I'm terrible but I get super competitive! I genuinely don't know where this year has gone, it's just been work, a short trip away and more work. Thank God for the long weekend! X


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