Milburn @ Koko (23.09.16)

I realise this post is about two months late, but I was really umming and ahhing about whether or not I should post. My last music post was nearly three years ago (I saw the Arctic Monkeys in Paris) but thinking back to the night of Friday 23rd September got me feeling super nostalgic.

I remember being at school when I first got introduced to Milburn – it was by a friend from football who was interested in them. There was this one song that was on the band's – and my friend’s – MySpace accounts that I just absolutely loved. I was a bit of an indie child growing up and no one in Essex/London had heard of this band from Sheffield so I definitely felt like I was special.

I last went to see Milburn in September 2007. My dad and best friend came with me. They played at the Astoria. This time around, I went on my own. I had bought two tickets, in the hope that my dad would be well enough to come with me. I couldn’t manage to persuade a friend and couldn’t be bothered to flog the ticket outside. That wasn’t a problem though, as I met up with Brad and his friend. Brad was one of the first football fans I followed on Twitter (and he also supports a League Two club) so it was lovely to finally meet him – even if it meant I went against my word of “only having one drink”. We pre-drank in a bar in Camden High Street, before making our way to Koko, where the gig was being played. I’d been there before a couple of times and it’s one of my favourite venues.

The autumn tour was as a result of a reunion show the boys did in Sheffield and it was also 10 years since they released debut album Well Well Well (which is in my top 5 albums of all time, btw). Having missed out on the farewell show in Sheffield back in May 2008 and it being just over nine years since I’d seen them live, the set list totally didn’t disappoint and I have to say, I definitely had a more enjoyable evening second time around! In fact, when I was chatting to Brad beforehand, we listed all the songs we wanted to hear and I’m pleased to say three out of my four ‘definites’ were played – and two of those were in the encore, so well worth waiting for! The band also played a couple of new songs and at the time, I hadn’t heard either, so it was good to hear those – particularly Midnight Control that had been played a lot on the radio.

I took a few videos so I’m just going to finish the post with those – so you can have a listen for yourselves.

Love, Lucy xx

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