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So this is going to be my last post until next Monday, ‘cos I’ll be having way too much family, festive fun. I did have a post scheduled, but I thought it would be better to share with you my top 10 Christmas films. I’ve booked next week off work so think I’ll be dedicating a couple of days to watching most (read: all) of these! These aren’t in any particular order.

(1) The Snowman
This is the ultimate Christmas film from my childhood and I’m not ashamed to say every year since I was 2, maybe 3, I watch it and the ending makes me cry. Why does he have to melt?! He knows where the freezer is. That and the music are so sad. The Snowman & The Snowdog doesn’t have a patch on the original

(2) The Holiday
Because who doesn’t love a bit of Jude Law at any time of year? He’s still hot when he pretends to be Mr Napkin Head! Every time I watch The Holiday, it makes me want to go to the Cotswold or somewhere else in the countryside for Christmas: just relaxing in a cosy cottage and hoping for snow

(3) Love Actually
It’s like tradition to watch this yearly around Christmas time. I love this film because all of the characters' stories are linked and it sums up for me what Christmas is about: being with the ones you love

(4) Miracle on 34th Street (original)
I can’t remember the first year I watched it but I know my dad put it on and I managed to sit all the way through it; it must have been the one of the first ‘old’ films I watched. I just loved it and it’s not Christmas if we haven’t watched this as a family – I had to get it on DVD last year, in case, god forbid, BBC forgot to show it

(5) Home Alone
Home Alone is such a classic and it’s absolutely hilarious. I used to hate being home alone, but I almost wish I got up to some of the shenanigans Kevin got up to! If you haven’t seen Home Alone, then where have you been?!

(6) Elf
Elf is another hilarious classic, which I think everyone has seen. I’m not actually that much of a fan of Will Ferrell’s (as people at work know!) but how can you not love Buddy the Elf? And let’s be honest, he makes the film!

(7) Four Christmases
This is probably such a controversial one, but I think Four Christmases is such an underrated Christmas film. If you like The Holiday and Love Actually, you’ll love it. And the plot pretty much sums up #modernfamilyproblems

(8) The Santa Clause
This was another of my favourites growing up and one I still don’t get bored of now. The sequels aren’t great, but the first is so funny. It brings out the big kid in me and I just think it’s brilliant that Tim doesn’t believe, until he accidently kills Santa and has to become him!

(9) The Nightmare Before Christmas
This was another family favourite of ours and is just Tim Burton brilliance. The scariness of the characters, the magic of the music, the drama – it just ticks all the boxes. I have to admit, when I was younger, it terrified me and actually gave me nightmares. It’s an incredible film

(10)           It’s a Wonderful Life
For the same reasons as Miracle on 34th Street really. It’s just a classic Christmas film and is one that provokes a mixture of emotions. When you haven’t seen many films or know very much about a certain era, it makes you appreciate it a whole lot more – the cinematography is brilliant

What are your favourite Christmas films?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Love, Lucy xx

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