Early Bird review* & discount code

Early Bird, Health, Snacking, Subscription
Early Bird, Health, Snacking, Subscription
Old readers of Lucy—Loves will know I used to subscribe to Graze and review my fortnightly boxes. I gave up because I kept forgetting and I was often receiving the same snacks over and over. Well finally, they have a bit of competition in the snack box subscription market – step forward Early Bird.

Introduction to Early Bird
Early Bird is the brain child of Olly who wanted to create something fun, inspired by festival vibes, combined with healthy, but innovative snacks. Early Bird is an amalgamation of art, music and snacks, designed to last the working week. Each box is lovingly prepared to contain five snacks and two teas (or one tea and a dipper); the teas are unique and range from breakfast tea, to mint tea and more. As you open each box, the lid displays art work by an up and coming artist – not only does this help them, but it also brings a bit of life and personality into your box. My monthly artist was Jessamy K.
Early Bird, Health, Snacking, Subscription
Introduction to the snacks
Like I say, you receive five snacks in the box and your info card is colour coded for each day of the week. That way you have one snack for every working day. The info card explains all the ingredients in each snack, as well as the vital nutritional information – after all, it’s all about portion control. I find that great for snackers like myself, I could honestly graze at my desk all day. Once you’ve signed up and logged into your account, you can then start rating each product, eliminating those you don’t like, or wouldn’t like to try. They’re categorised for ease too – so you can search from fruit and nut, to popcorn, energy balls, olives and even meat (jerky and biltong!). There is so much choice, so you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

My box* and first impressions
First impressions were very good – I loved the shape of the box and the colours. Subscription boxes are usually rectangular and brown in colour. Early Bird is a little more out there, the boxes are hexagonal and feature bright colours – a lot more appealing, I feel. The box still fits through your letter box too. I loved opening the box to an illustration, even if the gorilla was more scary than cute. And then everything inside was neatly packaged, with the two teas separate in cardboard compartments and the snacks in rows, in the middle. On top of this was my welcome pack, my info card and share code, for you lovely lot!

My two teas were English Breakfast and Mint Lime. You can’t go wrong with a breakfast tea, but this was so much better than your PG Tips, or dare I say it, Yorkshire Tea! I have to admit, I was expecting big things from the Mint Lime and it tasted quite like those tea-tox products; while the mint was strong, it was also quite herbal. I don’t think I’d choose to have that again.
Early Bird, Health, Snacking, Subscription
And to my snacks:

Monday – A Muesli Sprinkle (oats, seeds, sultanas, apricots, cranberries, dates, hazelnuts, pecans & almonds) – I had this for breakfast with some natural yogurt and honey. I loved the combination of fruit, nuts and oats; it kept me full most of the morning too

Tuesday – Snockers (dates, fudge, flaked peanuts & chocolate drops) – a little more indulgent, anyone in an office environment will know chocolate is rife. I ate this like a shot, the dates added a fudgy texture and the peanuts were great because they weren’t whole

Wednesday – Milky Berry Shot (blackcurrants, cranberries & white chocolate drops) – you can’t go wrong with dried fruit and white chocolate and this was a lovely reminder of summer. I’d definitely go as far as saying, this was my favourite

Thursday – Sweet Cherry Soul (cherries, caramelised pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts & cranberries) – the caramelised seeds were beaut and not too sweet; they complemented the fruit well. Again, I ate this quicker than I should have

Friday – Sweet Red Pepper (raisins, honey red pepper cashews, sunflower seeds & edamame beans) – I normally like fruit and nuts mixes, but I wasn’t a fan. The cashews were definitely honey roasted, but I couldn’t decipher any red pepper flavour

Discount Code
Early Bird have given me a discount code to share with my readers, so you can receive your first box for FREE (usual price £4.50). Simply visit www.earlybird.fm and sign up. Enter code honey-7265 and your first box will be delivered to your chosen address, free of charge.

Let me know if you’ll be signing up, or trying Early Bird. And leave your links below so I can read your reviews.

Love, Lucy xx

*Early Bird sent a box to me FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Hey, I tried entering your code before signup and it tells me it's invalid.

    1. It's probably expired now. I wasn't told about an offer ends date, but this post is a year old! Sorry :(


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