I Quit Sugar | Mexican salsa-inspired salad

This was one of my favourite recipes when I was doing the I Quit Sugar eight week programme and I adapted it ever so slightly to my tastes. Even though I’m not a fan of Mexican food (the last recipe post may suggest otherwise), this was such a simple and tasty recipe. Better still, it’s so versatile and you could have it with chicken, beef, fish or even pork. You can even mix up the seasonings you use – I’ll share some of my suggestions below. This recipe will serve two and will keep overnight, should you want to have two consecutive dinners.

·         Half a cucumber, diced
·         A large tomato, diced
·         Half a small red onion, diced
·         An avocado, diced
·         A lime, zest and juice
·         A tsp finely chopped coriander

·         Once the veg is prepped, combine in a bowl and serve

Serving suggestions
·         Steak – I seasoned a small rump steak in cayenne and Cajun spices, before griddling in fry light. I like mine blue/very rare so cooked for a minute on each side. I served this with natural yogurt to balance out the heat from the spices (it was hot!)
·         Chicken – I love to cook chicken in tin foil parcels and marinated a chicken breast in leftover lime juice/zest and plenty of cracked black pepper. The avocado in the salad was quite ripe at this stage and was more like a guacamole, so there was no need for a sauce or yogurt

I have to admit, mine looked nothing like the original recipe on the I Quit Sugar website and I omitted the corn as I’m really not a fan. If you do wish to add it, they recommend you don’t use tinned, unless you go for the no salt/sugar option.

Please let me know if you’ll try this, or any of my other recipes – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love, Lucy xx

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