March favourites

The last month has been all about new products, particularly haircare ones. My locks are in dire need of a cut, colour and properly styled blowdry. I’ve absolutely fell in love with Garnier’s Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner. The Silky Smoother is made for mid/long, damaged hair so perfect for me. I saw this in Sainsbury’s and instantly was attracted to the colour of the bottle and it was soon in the trolley after I opened the lid and had a quick smell – it’s beautiful: vanilla milk and papaya. It’s certainly helped keep my hair looking as healthy as possible, while I wait for a hair appointment.

My Babylis Pro Curl is my favourite present ever and I’ve been using it so much recently as when I straighten my hair, it looks in a much worse condition. It’s so easy to use and I’d definitely recommend it. Despite the length and thickness of my hair, it doesn’t take long and I can manage to do it in 15 minutes for work; although obviously it doesn’t look as good when rushed. As this has been my must-have, I also need to mention my Percy & Reed hairspray, which I got from a Latest in Beauty box – it’s a really strong, long-lasting spray, which doesn’t have that horrible old lady smell and doesn’t leave your hair matted or crunchy. I need a full-size of this product, asap. My favourite finishing products are the Kerastase beautifying oils and I’ve been using the green one of late, as it’s for damaged hair. It’s such a luxurious product and they all smell so nice, like expensive perfume!

It can’t be a favourite post without some Lush and even though March is over and we are definitely in spring, I can’t help but love my Magic Wand – it’s great for that Snow Fairy fix. I literally haven’t used it since I bought it in early December, it’s just too cute to use and looks so pretty stood in a narrow vase. I wave it in the bath for 30 seconds and it creates enough thick bubbles with that sickly sweet candyfloss scent. Plus it makes me believe I am a princess – say no more.

Finally, the last few weeks, my sleep pattern has messed up. I’m really struggling to sleep; luckily I have this eye mask and the Maddi Alexander pillow spray which help me doze off. The rose oils in the spray are so relaxing, but I am on the lookout for a stronger scented product, so please let me know your recommendations below!

What were your March favourites?

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