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At work I drink nothing but water and green tea and I have to admit as much as I love both, it does get a little boring. So when I found out about Stur Drinks, I knew I’d have to try them out. You know those squeezable cordials that Robinsons and Oasis do? It’s a similar concept, the only difference is, Stur contains no sugar and no calories. Almost too good to be true, right? Instead they contain stevia leaf extract, a natural sweetener. And even better, they contain 100% of your vitamin c intake.

Stur is currently available online in six flavours: cranberry pomegranate, blackcurrant apple, orange mango, green apple, peach tea and lemon tea. You get to choose six flavours in your box and I opted for one of each, just to sample them all. I also had a voucher for £5, but you get free delivery. A box costs £19.98 which is fairly standard for that kind of product – and you can also opt for monthly or bi-monthly delivery. I just went for the one-off option, but I’m definitely inclined to buy again.
So far I’ve tried the peach tea (very similar to ice tea!), green apple (which looks and tastes exactly like squash), the blackcurrant apple (my second favourite) and the orange mango (which is amazing!). I was half-expecting them to be really tangy with a bitter after taste, but they’re not at all – they’re so refreshing and such a good way to jazz up a boring glass of water. The fruit flavours aren’t artificial either.
Each squeezy 50ml bottle contains roughly 30 servings and you haven’t got to keep the bottles refrigerated, which is great for keeping on the go, or storing in your desk drawer at work. Water never need be boring again!

Have you tried Stur, or would you?

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