Restaurant review | Pizza Express

Where I ate:
Pizza Express, High Street, Brentwood
Friday 16th was my birthday and I decided to go out with Jake and our friends Sarah and Rob for dinner and a catch-up. They’d recently moved to Brentwood and I chose to go to Pizza Express because I had a birthday code for a complimentary bottle of prosecco and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like Pizza Express?!
I love it, although the Brentwood branch isn’t the best. The layout is so bizarre for starters and we were shoved right at the back of the restaurant, in the corner. It always seems overly busy as well and as a result, the service is never very good. But I was looking forward to the evening – although we were all running late.
What I ate:
Pollo and pancetta salad, with goats’ cheese
I always go for the Leggera pizzas because they’re so light and almost like a healthy option, if that’s possible? But for some reason, I was really craving a salad, especially one with goats’ cheese. It was definitely a winter salad, served with chunky dough sticks and luckily I could stay on-plan as the dressing was served on the side. The bowl was huge but there were so many textures, colours and tastes, every mouthful was amazing. It’s made me want summer to come back around as the summer leggera salad was to die for!
Like I say, I managed to stay on-plan – I left the dough sticks and dressing and although we had the dough ball platter to start, I only had one and the boys were happy to dig in! How lush is the sausage dip, btw? Unreal!
Sarah went for the Pollo ad Astra Leggera (my personal fave) and the two lads had Diavolo Romanas. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the evening at all, but everyone had a great time and really enjoyed their food. We didn’t stay for dessert, as the service was slowing up and by the time we left the restaurant, it was gone 10pm. Instead, we had a quick cocktail in the new Wetherspoons!

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