December favourites

This month, I’ve been
WEARING eyeliner
I barely ever wear eyeliner, because I’ve never found a brand or type that I really get on with. This has changed in December as I finally starting using the Teeez liner from one of my Latest in Beauty boxes. I love it, particularly because of the rubber at one end, making smoky eyes easy. I’ve recently bought a liquid liner by Clarins which is actually incredible and probably the best and easiest product to use, ever.
TESTING Dior Star foundation
I received five sample sachets of this foundation from SheerLuxe. Although they advertised it as a five-day thing, I’ve definitely got a bit more usage out of the product – I’ve still got a couple of sachets left. I got the most popular shade, which is 020 (light beige) and actually perfect for my skin tone. Previously I’ve been using the FitMe range by Maybelline, but I’ve found the colour, coverage and overall quality to be a lot better from Dior... At £32 a bottle, I can feel a splurge coming on!
SMELLING Marc Jacobs fragrances
I love all the fragrances by Marc Jacobs and have accumulated quite a collection. It’s a total bonus that the bottles are so cute, too. I’ve still got a drop of Lola left from last Christmas and bought my favourite Dot from Boots pre-Christmas (it was reduced to £30 and I had a £5 off voucher). My latest addition is Daisy, which my Auntie and Uncle bought for Christmas and I can’t get enough of it at the moment.
EATING chocolates
Well der, it’s December. Tis the season to sugar binge, or just binge in general! I had three unopened boxes of Hotel Chocolat chocolates – a mixed and milk selection, as well as the winter puddings collection. It’s safe to say they’re all at the back of my cupboard now and I’ve unsubscribed from receiving the boxes every three months. My mum got so much chocolate from work and my brother brought home a fair bit from a client so it’s all we’ve been eating.... as well as mini twiglets, cheese straws, popcorn and well, you get the picture!
LOVING being cosy
Another thing that comes with winter is the snuggling up in front of the fire: cable knit socks, big jumpers, slipper boots, etc. My mum got me the cutest onesie – it’s pink and fleecy and the hood has ears on it; best of all it’s Tatty Teddy! My best friend Laura bought me a baby hot water bottle for Christmas as well, which I love. It’s all furry so I’ve been very cosy this month, especially this last week!
LUSTING Mulberry purse
My Accessorize purse has become so worn and tatty, it’ll soon be recycled and another bought. The problem with it, is I have too many cards (particularly loyalty cards!) and not enough holders. I’ve got my eye on the Long Locked Purse in Oak by Mulberry, which is absolutely gorgeous. The problem is, I can’t really justify spending near enough £300, even with my birthday on the way. I keep telling myself it’d be a great investment, but still *waaaant*
What were you loving in December?


  1. I always struggle to find a purse with the right amount of space for cards too! I picked one up in Australia last year but I have a feeling the zip is on its last legs :( xx

  2. I tell myself I'll bin the cards I don't use, but never do and end up with more *handsovereyes*.. was it a cheapy one or designer? xx

  3. I picked it up in an outlet village so it was meant to be a few hundred dollars but I got it for $40! I love it! xx


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