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After receiving my first Degustabox for half price and being really happy with its contents, I’ve decided to continue my subscription and I was really looking forward to the month’s box. Although this box was titled the Christmas Box, there was nothing that really stuck out as being a Christmassy product – I guess I was expecting more snacks, maybe even a gingerbread house (ha). But nonetheless, it was still a great box this month.
The Christmas Box contained:
  • A sachet of The Chia Co oats & chia (£1.70)
  • A box of Pukka Herbs clean green tea (£2.39)
  • Kent’s Kitchen meal kit (£2.50)
  • Two packets of Bahlsen choco liebniz biscuits (£3.58)
  • A bottle of Eisberg alcohol-free wine (£3.49)
  • A bottle of FryLight infuse garlic oil (2.00)
  • A bag of Popchips (£1.79)
  • Four cans of Gloworm mixers (£6.00)
  • A jar of Bonne Maman marmalade (£2.30)
Gloworm mixers
I received four mixer-sized cans of this product in the following flavours: raspberry & orris, cucumber & apple, pear, spice & lime and ginger & lemongrass. Each has been specially designed to accompany a spirit and the drinks are marketed as being sugar and taurine-free. I’m not really a spirit drinker, so drank these on their own as replacement for the usual fizzy drinks. I loved the hint of ginger with the lemongrass mixer, which stopped it being a fairly standard lemonade; the raspberry & orris was definitely my favourite though.
Eisberg alcohol-free wine
I’ve never had alcohol-free wine before and am really interested in trying this product to see how it compares. I got the Riesling variety but it’s also available in Chardonnay, Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon. The fact it’s a third of the calories of a bottle of wine is appealing as I’m often driving, this is a great drink for me.
Pukka Herbs clean green tea
I love green and detox teas so I was really pleased to receive this product – I have a never-ending supply of tea in my drawer at work. A blend of Sicilian lemon and dandelion root makes up this tea and it’s designed to cleanse the system. The flavour is really good and I’ve found the tea to refresh and hydrate. I’d definitely try Pukka Herbs in the future.
Savouries & Condiments
FryLight infuse garlic
We only use FryLight in our house, so this garlic flavoured oil is certainly going to be a hit. It’s a great way to add flavour when cooking, whether it’s steak, chicken or prawns. Each spray is only a calorie and it’s so much more convenient than making your own. Although I’ve not used this yet, I’m sure I will soon. Also available in chilli.
Kent’s Kitchen meal kit
These innovative meal kits are a great idea when you’re short of time. With three easy steps and only a handful of fresh ingredients, you have a meal up to four people can enjoy – and it only takes about 20 minutes. I got the Rendang curry kit which I cannot wait to try out. In fact, I’m making it for the family in the week.
Bonne Maman marmalade
I absolutely love Bonne Maman so was excited to receive the newest product to their range of jams and conserves: the coarse shred orange marmalade. We never have marmalade at home ‘cos mum doesn’t like it so I felt as though this was a real treat. I’ve been loving this on toast and are even contemplating a bread & butter pudding.
The Chia Co oats & chia
Another product perfectly suited to me, I can’t wait to have this dairy-free porridge for breakfast. After reading I Quit Sugar, I’ve found out about chia seeds and their benefits and it’s one of the things on my shopping list. This sachet came in mixed berry flavour which sounds lush.
Bahlsen biscuits
Everyone loves biscuits and I’ve not found anyone who dislikes the Bahlsen brand. I love the original biscuits but have never tried the caramel variety but can only imagine, they’re even tastier! Once they’re open, I’m sure they’ll soon disappear as they’re so moreish!
Yet another product I could not wait to open. I’m a real lover of ‘healthier’ or ‘diet’ crisps – think Sunbites, the Shapers range by Boots etc – and I love Popchips. I definitely prefer these to the Walkers equivalent and the thai sweet chilli flavour I got in my box were amazing – my mum and brother also agree! Light, crisp, containing half the fat of standard crisps and at under 100kcal per serving, Popchips are this month’s winner!
If you’re new to Degustabox, you can receive £3 off your first box by following this link.
Did you buy the Christmas Degustabox? I’d love to read your thoughts on the products.


  1. All of these look so good! I'm definitely going to try this out one day! :)

    Jane at Colorful Closets

  2. It was a really good box, I thoroughly recommend subscribing :) xx


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