Hello 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope 2015 is a happy and healthy year for you and you all had a good night last night – whatever you got up to.
I’ve had a look back at my Instagram feed to find my favourite memories of the past year and it was difficult narrowing it down as I’d done so much.
My 24th birthday ~ Valentine’s Day meal ~ City break to Berlin ~ My best friend leaving work ~ Cambridge away ~ Winning a trip to Barcelona through work ~ lots and lots of afternoon tea ~ Lincoln away road trip ~ Going to Colchester Zoo Zoo Zoo ~ Treating my daddy to a pub lunch for his birthday ~ Treating my mum to a pub lunch for her birthday ~ Parchal, Portugal ~ Work awards night (not being as drunk as the previous one!) ~ Meeting Mariah for cocktails at Westfield ~ Anniversary in London and seeing Matilda ~ Educational to the Canaries and meeting some great girls ~ A long wintry weekend in Bruges ~ Changing hair colour (back to dark baby) ~ Work Christmas party ~ Standard Waldon family Christmas at home
Also looking back at the last year, I have to mention how I got on with my resolutions:
·         Make more of an effort to keep in contact with old friends – whether it’s texting, calling or arranging to meet up
I definitely tried my hardest with this one but didn’t manage to meet up with two of my oldest friends, due to work and other commitments. I also contacted a number of people from Uni for a catch up but a couple of times I got no response, so eventually gave up. I’ve made some new friends though in 2014, which is a bonus!
·         Exercise more (at least three times a week) and as soon as the weather is better, start swimming again – or find a running/walking buddy
This one probably went the worst. Swimming never happened. I never got a walking or running buddy. I’ve got plenty of DVDs I can do at home, but I get home from work at half 6 so most of the time, I can’t be bothered. Must try harder. Gonna start Blogilates in my room again.
·         Snack healthy at work – no more sitting around eating crap
I’m pleased to say, this was a walk in the park! Up until the last couple of weeks when there was so much ‘Christmas’ food, I snacked on fruit, vegetables, nuts and the like. I stuck to soup or salad for lunch too.
And now for the coming year, I only have two resolutions. I came across my ’30 before I’m 30’ list so will be concentrating on that, as in a fortnight I’ll be halfway to 30 – eek! But here’s what I’d like to achieve and they’re both linked:
1) Get back to my post-uni weight (believe it or not, I was slimmer then – I used to eat so well)
2) Have a sugar detox... after reading I Quit Sugar, I’d love to give it a go and there’s a programme to keep me on track!
Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?


  1. Good luck with the sugar detox hun! xx

  2. Thanks doll, I'm gonna need it! Already know I'm gonna be so off-plan on the 24th, but have a feeling I'll always have Saturdays off! xx


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