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I know this post is SO late now and I should be blogging about the Christmas range (which I have, unopened in a large Lush paper bag), but I’ve only just got round to using these products. I try and have a Lush bath once a week, but I actually used all of these in a week just so I could blog.
I was really gutted to hear the limited edition Sparkler was being discontinued after the fireworks season and I was never able to buy it from either the Liverpool Street or Stratford branches of the store. Luckily the lovely people at Lush Liverpool Street saved me a Wizard Hat gift box so that I could try the bath bomb out... thank you Matti!
As well as the Sparkler, this box contained the Wizard bubble bar and Star Light, Star Bright bath melt – so all three products were ones I’d not used before *excited*. Firstly, how cute is this gift set? I always love how Lush wrap their products and this one was no different. The bold purple with star print is so eye catching and I just adored the tassel with pompom. You can even re-use the box and be a wizard for the day – perfect for younger siblings or cousins (I gave mine to mum to take to work!). So let’s move onto the products.
A Rose Jam-scented crackler for the bath
I was a huge fan of the Northern Lights bath bomb and was really pleased to hear its shelf-life was extended. Another cylindrical bomb, Spakler has a gorgeous scent: sticky, sweet yet floral with a hint of lemon. It’s kinda Turkish Delight-y. I have to say, I had high expectations and felt this product didn’t really deliver – it’s nowhere near as spectacular as its sister ballistic. The glitter and popping candy were a good touch but it wasn’t as colourful as I was expecting. Was this product worth the wait? Probably not.
Cast a spell over weariness
I’m a huge fan of the bubble bars and it’s great that they are re-usable – they’re so cost effective. As always this little cutie produced loads of bubbles and also turned the water a deep, mysterious purple. As you know, I’m really into the sweet and sickly smelling products and this was more medicinal (if that’s the right word?) – with hints of fennel and liquorice. Not really for me.
Star Light, Star Bright
For special baths filled with light and lustre
I’d never bought a bath melt from Lush before and watching this dissolve from a silver glittery star to its dark blue centre was mesmerising. The scent (lime and ginger, with hints of lavender) was really strong and lingered on my skin for hours afterwards. The centre is shea butter with coconut oil and is quite a rich formula, leaving you thoroughly moisturised and your skin nourished. I loved this product, although the 90s definitely called asking for their glitter back!


  1. This is so cute! I haven't tried any of these myself, but I'm gutted to hear that they don't sell these after fireworks season! I'd love to have a "sparkling bath." :P

    Olivia x
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    1. I went to my local store today and they still had stock - just seems to be London and the bigger stores... but you're not missing out! Although I do recommend Star Light, Star Bright :) xx


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