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After reading Jamie (Glitter Infatuation)’s posts on the Degustabox, I couldn’t help but sign myself up for them. I’d definitely consider myself a bit of a foodie; I love to cook (note to self, more recipe posts!) and I love all things food and drink – especially buying and trying new products – so Degustabox is well up my street! I got my first box for £6.49, but they’re usually £12.99.
My first box was the Winter Box and it arrived in the last week of November. If you join before the 20th of the month, you receive your box by the end of that month; else you receive it the following month. Payment is always on the 10th, regardless – and the price includes delivery.
So what did I receive in my box?
  • A bag of Kettle Chips (£2.19)
  • Two cans of Cool Dawn (£2.98)
  • Five Lindt Lindor My Melting Moments (£3.25)
  • Kent’s Kitchen flavour shots (£1.85)
  • Branston Mediterranean tomato chutney (£1.50)
  • Two bottles of Pip Organic cloudy apple juice (£3.00)
  • A bottle of Montano apple cider (£2.79)
  • Two pouches of Holy Cow! Curry sauce (£3.38)
  • Plus! A sample sachet of Drink Me Chai, chai latte
Thank you to the handy card which explained everything, as well as the recommended retail prices for each of the products. I loved the recipe ideas on the other side too and will give those a go.
Pip Organic cloudy apple juice
I love to have a glass of juice every day and cloudy apple is one of my favourites. This reminded me so much of Innocent apple juice – but a lot nicer. Each 150ml serving is one of your five a day, too.
Cool Dawn recovery drink
I don’t really drink energy drinks, nor do I get hangovers so this probably isn’t the product for me. I drank a can the morning after I came home from my educational to stop my general tiredness and sea legs and I did feel more refreshed. It has an acquired taste and if you don’t like liquorice, you won’t like this.
Montano apple cider
I’m not usually a fan of apple ciders as I find the taste quite bitter, but this was lovely – not as dry and sharp as other brands, but with the right level of sweetness. You get quite a lot in a bottle as well and I ended up sharing this with mum. I’d definitely buy it again.
Holy Cow! Curry sauces
I’m not really a fan of curry, I think it’s because of the amount of fats and oils in many of the sauces in restaurants and from takeaways. I tried these products with an open and mind and was pleasantly surprised. I got the Goan prawn and Kashmir rogan josh varieties and enjoyed both, although I preferred the latter as it wasn’t as spicy.
Kent's Kitchen flavour shots
This product is such a clever idea as it’s a great way of adding a burst of flavour to a boring chicken (or any other meat!) dish, is easy to use and has so many uses. I’m looking forward to trying these out and love that it’s something everyone in our house can use. I got the garlic and coriander seasoning.
Branston Mediterranean tomato chutney
Another product I was willing to share and one I can see being very popular at a Boxing Day buffet or with those post-Christmas snacky dinners. Everyone in our house loves chutney and I can thoroughly recommend this as a relish with lamb burgers, or as a dip for sweet potato fries. I love it.
Kettle Chips
I’m not gonna lie, I was so excited when I saw these in my box – I LOVE Kettle Chips! They’re my favourite brand and I love their extra crunchy texture, even though on the bad side, they’re so moreish and the whole bag soon disappears. My favourite flavour is the sour cream & chilli but I received a new flavour in salsa & mesquite (one of the original seasonings when the brand first launched in 1988).
Lindt Lindor My Melting Moments
And the award for my favourite item goes to... Who doesn’t love Lindt chocolate? I got five of these beauties and gave three away to the rest of my family, leaving me to gorge on the remaining stars. These are perfect for stocking fillers and I loved the creamy chocolatey middle which just melted in the mouth. Compared to the Lindor balls, I found these a bit more sickly though.
Sample present
Drink Me Chai, chai latte
Now this wasn’t a new product for me as I’ve previously bought the full size original and vanilla spice varieties of this drink. I love both and drink mine with water, rather than milk. I much preferred the sachet to spooning the mixture into a mug as I had just the right amount and it was easy to stir. There’s no need for sugar as it is well sweetened and all the spicy aromas remind me of Christmas!
Did you buy the Winter Degustabox? I’d love to read your thoughts on the products.

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