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After seeing the film the weekend it came out, I could not wait to read the novel by Gillian Flynn which inspired it. I’d heard people say that the book differed, particularly with regards to the ending. I have to say reading was equally as thrilling as watching and I could not put the book down.
*Warning; may contain spoilers*
The novel begins on the day of Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary and while the day begins in fairly normal fashion – with Amy making pancakes for brunch – although Nick’s narrative makes it perfectly clear he’s uneasy about the day ahead. And that’s where things turn bad. There’s no anniversary gifts or dinner as Amy disappears from their rented McMansion. There’s a pool of blood in the kitchen which looks as though someone’s attempted to wipe it up and there’s total disarray in the living area with the tables, photo frames and more knocked over. Everything signals a murder – but Amy’s body is nowhere to be found.
There a number of clues which the police find along the way and both they, and Amy’s parents believe Nick is the guilty party. It’s fair to say the evidence points that way too. Passages from Amy’s diary make her sound as though she was never happy, that Nick was disrespectful and although Amy acted like an alpha-girl perfectionist, that would never be good enough for him. Anniversary treasure hunt clues lead to places of significance in Amy and Nick’s relationship; unfortunately for him, they portrayed him in a negative light.
A string of revelations, lies and deceit had me on the edge of my seat – even though I already knew the outcome – and there were so many questions that needed to be answered. Why Andie? Why did Desi have to return to the picture? And was Amy really pregnant with Nick’s baby?
Amy Elliott-Dunne
The All-American girl, there are so many different Amys we are introduced to – from Amazing Amy, her fictional character to ‘cool’ Amy and even avenging Amy. The inspiration for the books series she wrote, Amazing Amy is just that: beautiful, charming, pretty much perfect and it’s little wonder in reality, she feels so inadequate – she’s forever playing up to her fictional self. She pretends to be the ‘cool girl’ – the kind of girl that every man would love. One that’s intelligent and also sexy, one that will sit and watch the football and drink beer. This isn’t Amy at all but facade she has to put on in the hope Nick will be impressed. But above all, she’s avenging Amy – scheming, sly, manipulative, controlling and intense. She may look sweet and innocent as though she’s a doting wife, but the terrifying thing is, she’s capable of anything... including murder!
The novel is full of twists and turns and as you’re from both Amy and Nick’s points of views, you’re constantly kept on your toes. It’s a toxic tale of a disintegrating marriage. This book is perfect for a holiday read, or even a weekend escape – I promise it won’t disappoint either.

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