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You may have seen one of my recent posts Spring splurge: Guam seaweed algae bath salts, in which I mentioned the samples I received from The Urban Retreat Beautique. I also received an extra one, via Emerald Street, as they were offering the first 100 people an exfoliator or moisturiser sample. I was thrilled to find I was a winner of the moisturiser, particularly as it’s something I use on a daily basis so always have a need for it.
THE Mask
Formulated to provide the skin with instant radiance and a refined skin tone, the Australian Kaolin infused within THE Mask is a naturally occurring soft clay to mildly cleanse the skin and draw out impurities for a clearer complexion free from excess sebum. Glycerine, a well known humectant, retains moisture within the skin for deep nourishment while Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant protection against free radical and UV damage
I loved the mask, from the ease of application to the cooling effect once on the skin. My face felt soft and cleansed afterwards too. The only downside was the amount in the sample tube – only 7ml, well under half the size of a usual face mask. There wasn’t nearly enough product to cover my whole face evenly, so it was patchy in places. This also meant it dried almost instantly, so I wasn’t too sure how long to leave it on (recommended time is five minutes, or until it dries). I think I’ll just have to purchase this when payday comes around! £35 for 75ml
THE Moisturiser
Rich in Vitamins E, B and essential fatty acids, THE Moisturiser rejuvenates skin improving overall elasticity, tone and firmness too. Rosehip Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil nourish dry skin to leave it deeply nourished and supple. THE Moisturiser also includes Sodium Hyaluronate to draw in and retain moisture for added hydration whilst Oat Oil and Shea Butter create a protective veil over the complexion to lock in moisture. THE Moisturiser has an almost gel like consistency for deeper penetration into the skin without any greasy residue
I’m a sucker for face creams at the minute and since I’ve started to get into a routine, I’ve definitely noticed the benefits. I have a couple of different brands on the go, so another isn’t going to hurt, is it? A similar scent to the mask, the moisturiser wasn’t at all greasy and you only need a small amount – it’s lasted me a couple of weeks so far; winner! The first time I tried it out, I used it before bed and when I woke up, my skin felt revitalised. Again, this is on top of my wish-list. £35 for 50ml
THE Exfoliator
For congested, dry or flaky skin utilising the benefits of biodegradable Eco-scrub beads for a natural approach to softer skin. Rich in Vitamins A, D and E, the coconut, wheatgerm, avocado and sweet almond oils deeply moisturise skin to nourish and protect it for a more supple touch; while cocoa butter and aloe vera extract soothe and soften the complexion for a fresh and radiant result
Completing the set is the exfoliator, which again smells similar to the other products within the Urban Retreat Beautique range. I like my exfoliators to feel like a proper scrub, if abrasive is the right word to use; this certainly fits the bill. So many have a higher ratio of product to beads, but this scrub was incredible. My skin felt soft immediately, without feeling scratched or damaged. I would definitely use this again, but it doesn’t feature as highly on products I must have. £30 for 75ml
I also received an Estelle & Thild fragrance-free face cream with my order, which I’m really looking forward to trying out.
Get 15% off Urban Retreat products, by entering code: URBANES15 at the checkout. You’ll have to be quick though, as the offer ends 30th April.
Have you ever bought anything from The Urban Retreat Beautique?

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