Sunday Snapshots #26

On Monday I came back from a long weekend in Barcelona and I had such a great time. The weather was so hot and although I didn’t pack for summer, still managed to get sunburnt. I got to see and do so much in three days – largely thanks to tickets for the open top bus, which I dedicated Sunday to. I won the trip through a competition at work and had been looking forward to it for months. I couldn’t believe how much was included though (flights, accommodation with breakfast, tickets for the open top bus, two Barcelona shirts and a tourist pack of information including travel guide). This picture was taken after we’d walked through Las Ramblas and were by the port.
The flight coming home was delayed by two hours and once I’d landed, got the car and driven home, it was 4am by the time I was in bed – so I was really glad I’d book Tuesday off work. With my parents at a funeral, I decided to go to one of the village pubs for lunch and had a really yummy sausage and onion jam baguette. I used to work at the pub and the food has been a bit hit and miss for ages, so I was pleased to have a proper pub lunch and on that basis, I’ll definitely  be returning soon.
At least when I returned to work, the weather’s been lush – and nice enough to sit outside at lunchtime. Being stuck in an office all day, there’s nothing better than nipping out for a bit of fresh air, and the eating area at work is just beautiful. Despite being next to a main road, there wasn’t too much traffic noise and it was good to just soak up the sun for an hour, in a really serene setting. Even better, I was the only one out there! There are even rabbits amongst the woodland and seeing them hopping around in daffodil beds, epitomises spring!
At the weekend I went to the Threadneedles Hotel, just off Bank Station in London. I don’t want to give away too much as I’ve scheduled a post already (keep your eyes peeled!) but it was really good, even if I did have to be posh for a couple of hours. I went with my brother and it was nice to catch up with him, as I don’t see him often (he’s about to finish Uni and obviously I’m always busy with work). It’s amazing how food in such small quantities can make you full up so quickly – needless to say, I managed to eat everything, of course.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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